Bit Stew Systems

Bit Stew’s Grid Director software proves its value and effectiveness with BC Hydro’s smart meters

Three years ago, Vancouver-based software developer Bit Stew Systems Inc. partnered with BC Hydro to create a program that would help the utility manage its new network of smart meters effectively and efficiently. The result was Grid Director®, a software program that synthesizes data relayed by BC Hydro’s two million smart meters and integrates it with data from other networks and systems. It filters and analyzes the data altogether, and alerts the utility company to any issues that need to be addressed.
Essentially, Grid Director automated the process of deploying and managing a smart grid. And in fact, BC Hydro’s smart grid has been recognized by many in the utility sector as the most successful smart grid deployment project worldwide.

As a result, Grid Director is in high demand, and Bit Stew is growing at a rapid rate. Bit Stew now services several large electrical utilities in Canada, the United States and Australia. The company is looking to take on gas and water utilities next, and will eventually branch out into other industries that use connected devices for monitoring and control, such as oil and gas, transportation and manufacturing.
Despite the global scope of its expansion, the majority of Bit Stew’s growth is taking place in Vancouver, home to the company’s operations and product development teams. Bit Stew’s staff has already grown from one employee to 30 in less than two years, and staff is expected to increase close to 100 by 2015.
Bit Stew’s growth potential appears exponential. Having developed a highly adaptive product with proven success in managing high-volume smart grids, Bit Stew is poised to be a world leader in managing machine-to-machine communications—the next frontier in the high-tech sector.