CEOs in the Driver’s Seat of B.C.’s Top Companies

John Volken, Founder, John Volken Foundation

“Money can make jackasses out of otherwise good people. The purpose in life is not to make money. The purpose is to develop your talents and to become the best you can be, whatever the best is.&quo

Gerald Bouwers, President and CEO, Industrial Alliance Pacific Insurance and Financial Services Inc.

“We don’t compete with the big three in those niche markets. There’s still strong competition, but we’ve been in the those mark

Launi Skinner, CEO, First West Credit Union

“It’s ‘work big, act local’,” she says. “How do we take everything that’s great about being big and, on the flip side, remain local and relevant, pushing decision- making as

John Walker, President and CEO, FortisBC

“We want to own and manage the relation- ship between the company and our customers. That’s core to the Fortis philosophy.”
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Jason Conhenour, CEO, Sierra Wireless Inc.

“You not only have to be right, you have to be right at the right time.”
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