EA Layoffs Hit Vancouver: PopCap and Quicklime To Close

Bejeweled: a PopCap game | BCBusiness
PopCap Games is the maker of Bejeweled and Zombies vs. Plants

Vancouver’s gaming industry takes another hit as Electronic Arts shutters Quicklime Games and PopCap

Former EA employees took to Twitter recently to announce the latest round of layoffs and that the two studios had been shut down.

Electronic Arts announced in a statement on Thursday that it is undergoing an organizational reorganization which, “has led to some difficult decisions to reduce the workforce in some locations.”

In early April, EA laid off 170 employees from its Montreal studios as part of reorganization efforts that saw CEO John Riccitello step down.

PopCap Vancouver, which employed 30, created award-winning games including Bejewled and Plants vs. Zombies, while Quicklime was responsible for Need For Speed: World, a PC-only title.