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Extraordinary Man Box

The extraordinary man #foundersboxFREE SHIPPING Being extraordinarydoesn't have to be hard Make your life extraordinarywith the BCBusinessExtraordinary Manfounder's box EVERY 90 DAYS WE'LL SEND YOU a hand-curated delivery with stylish ties, socks and other fashion accessories. SUBSCRIBE NOW "Finally, a Canadian subscription box for men that redefines your style the moment your first box...

The extraordinary man #foundersbox
for just $69

“Finally, a Canadian subscription box for men that redefines your style the moment your first box arrives”

Up to $150 value in every box

*Products shown are not exactly what you will get in the box… that would ruin the surprise.




Be Extraordinary

Dressing extraordinary and making a statement takes time, effort and money.  Every accessory, every part of your outfit, everything in your home has been carefully selected to make a statement.  Your shirt, your pants, even your socks are pressed and given the final OK before stepping out of the house.  This attention to detail is what people have come to expect from you but it comes at a cost. Time, effort, and money all go into creating your signature extraordinary look.

You spend hours researching the latest trends, scouring every resource for that clean crisp look, and because you always want the latest style, you rarely get a discount.

At BCBusiness, we understand the struggle all too well.  Time is at a minimum as you rush from meeting to meeting building your brand, and work comes first.

For over 45 years, we have been at the forefront of the business world and that includes keeping up with the newest trends and styles.  We are constantly on the hunt and testing new products that we would want to attach our name to.

From socks to soaps, we have seen it all and now we feel confident in a very selective group of products that we can put our seal of approval on and help you make your life extraordinary.




What is it?

Taking that 45 years of experience and having our fingers on the pulse of the business world today, we have put together an uncompromising package that arrives in your mailbox each season.

It’s only $69 + taxes (not shipping, that’s on us) and you’ll get up to $150 value.

Every 90 days you will receive our carefully considered selection of the finest products that we actively sought out for you—saving you time and money without conceding quality.

What can I expect?

Curated with care and consideration every box will include:

  • Extraordinary Business attire – From socks to lapel pins, they are selected to make a statement
  • Extraordinary Personal Care – Part of what elevates you is the care you give to not only your clothes but to yourself. Using only high-quality ingredients, these products will keep you feeling fresh.
  • Extraordinary Decor and accessories – Whether they are for your home or you, these will add that subtle bit of class that you know that’s what it’s all about.

Plus more to elevate your style.






As seen at the

Tony Robbins

Power of Success









You don’t accept anything but the best and we don’t expect you to.  If what comes in the Extraordinary Man Box isn’t for you, don’t worry.

Every subscription comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Once you receive your box if it’s not “it” email us for a *full refund.

 *Box must be returned with all of its original items in unused condition.

Common Questions About the Box

We’ve had some questions come up a few times that we’d love to answer here for everybody to see.

I’m in Canada, am I going to pay duty or customs fees?

Nope! We are located in British Columbia and all of our boxes are packed and shipped with care from our warehouse in New West.

Is the price in Canadian dollars?

Yes, unlike many of the popular subscription boxes you see in your social media feeds, the Extraordinary Man box is priced in Canadian currency. No need to worry about that exchange rate!

Is shipping included?

Yes, the $69 includes shipping within Canada. Taxes will be added.

When can I expect my box?

The first box you can expect to receive is Fall. The shipping date will be confirmed shortly. Once announced, you can expect your box to ship 3 to 5 days through Canada Post.

When will I be billed for my next box?

Your subscription is $69 per season or $29 per month (plus tax). You will be billed automatically every 90 or 30 days respectively. Your card will be automatically processed unless you cancel.

Is every box the same?

While each box is hand-picked by us, boxes will vary. You may, for example, get a different colour pair of socks than your friend, but all boxes will have the same retail value.

How do I reach customer service?

Our Extraordinary Man customer service representatives are happy to help you out on Monday to Thursday from 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.; and on Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Please email us and allow for 1 to 2 days for a response. If you need to reach us by phone, call 604.299.7311.

How do I return the box?

If you’re not happy with your box, please email us first. For a full refund, the box must include all of its original items in unused condition and be shipped back to:
#230-4321 Still Creek Drive
Burnaby, B.C.
V5C 6S7