FWE Roundtable: “A Brand Called You”

Roundtable leaders: Mat Wilcox of the Wilcox Group (l); Elizabeth Harrison, QC, of event host Farris, Vaughan, Wills & Murphy LLP.

Mompreneurs: Annemarie Tempelman-Kluit (yoyomama.ca) and Limelite PR principal Jeanette Miller were absolutely beaming.

Determined to crack their brand code are Photographer Linda Mackie (l) and Fiona Walsh (r) of FM Walsh & Associates

Tickled pink over the sold out event is FWE Program Director Kim Appleton here with designer Ami McKay of PURE (l) and Danielle Wilson of Sweet Peanut (r).

Antique specialist Shawne MacIntyre and Connor, Clark & Lunn V.P. Catherine Dorazio both had the white idea.

Managing Director of Silk Concept Laura Appleton knows what’s up in eiderdown.

Speaker Brad Scott of Coast Capital Savings and shutterbug Alistair Bird look happy to be included.

Event: Forum for Women Entrepreneurs Spring Roundtable “A Brand Called You”
Setting: Farris, Vaughan, Wills & Murphy LLP; 700 W. Georgia; May 20, 2009
Critique: Off tha Heezy

A girl never forgets her first size-up.

You know, some lady runs her eyes up one side of you and down the other. Usually it comes served with a side order of teeth-sucking and neck dysplasia. I got my first at a retirement dinner with a then-boyfriend: his ex’s BFF was seated across from us and she didn’t like the view. With her every grimace and lip curl, the situation (for me, at least) got funnier. There’s a certain satisfaction, I think, in enraging others merely by existing. Anyway, that nameless vixen and I have crossed paths since. She avoids my eye contact. It bother me naught.

The second big size-up happened at this event, the FWE round table session, “A Brand Called You.”  But this time it was welcome, even intriguing. The guest speaker, PR supernova Mat Wilcox, admitted in her talk that she was “scanning the room and checking people out.” Why do I feel like she was trying to best me for the blue ribbon at a county fair stare-down? I took lots of badly lit photos but only because she was giving me so much face!

(Aside: What the dickens were you were looking at, Ms. Mat Wilcox? Seriously, I want to know. Personal branding is a strange line to get into if you’ve spent a lifetime brazenly unworried about what people think of you.)

Paying no mind to H8ers was a sentiment shared by speaker celebrity real estate vlogger Ian Watt. I hadn’t heard of him, but he did say “there’s a rumor out there that I’m a total cokehead and that it’s not true.” Okay, hear that, whoever you are? It’s not true – you can stop saying it now.

Also on the roster was personal fave Judy Brooks, whose Blo salons get my vote for second most clever brand concept to come out of Vancouver*. Farris homegirl Elizabeth Harrison, Q.C., almost caused a riot when she schooled the room on copyright. Betty, I may need to arrange a social call to re-visit that subject on tape.  

* Really, you can’t deny the No. 1.