Glotman-Simpson: Creating Value Through Experience, Innovation and Technology

In Vancouver, the long-awaited woodwards redevelopment is expected to help revitalize the Downtown Eastside. Several kilometres to the west, the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre expansion will, when finished in 2009, more than triple the facility’s total function space to 515,000 square feet. To the south, the new Richmond Olympic Speed Skating Oval will, after its stint as a major 2010 games venue, anchor a new residential community. Apart from their large size, these projects share a complexity and purpose that requires a highly skilled team of professionals to bring them to successful completion. A key component of such a team is consulting engineers, who transform the vision of developers into a functional reality. And for many clients in Western Canada, the United States and abroad, the engineering firm of choice is the Vancouver-based Glotman-Simpson Group of Companies.