Google Showcases Made-In-B.C. Quantum Computer

A look inside the Google and NASA lab using a B.C. company’s supercomputer technology

It’s been nearly two months since Burnaby’s D-Wave Systems Inc. installed its quantum hardware in a artificial intelligence research lab run by Google and NASA at the latter’s Ames Research Centre in Mountain View, California. Now Google is showing off its latest made-in-B.C. acquisition.
“How amazing is it that we have somehow lucked into a brain that allows us to ask legit questions about the nature of physical reality,” posits Geordie Rose, founder of D-Wave and current chief technology officer, in the seven-minute film.
To celebrate the occasion, Google commissioned a rather inventive short film that debuted at the Imagine Science Films Festival last month, featuring an interview with D-Wave founder Dr. Geordie Rose, and various researchers working on the project which will be used to optimize answers with complex sets of variables currently beyond the capabilities of conventional semiconductors.
“We don’t know the best kind of questions to ask [D-Wave’s] computer,” says Eleanor Rieffel of NASA,  “that’s what we’re trying to understand now.”