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About Grant Thornton LLP, Accountants and Management Consultants

Who are we and what can we do for you?

As a leading Canadian accounting and business advisory firm providing audit, tax and advisory services to private and public organizations, we’re committed to delivering exceptional service to every client. We believe our strength lies not only in our deep technical knowledge and thought leadership—demonstrated in part through our extensive body of insightful publications—but in our unique team-based approach, our dedication to partner involvement and our commitment to regular and engaging client contact. That’s what makes us stand out from the rest.

We’re committed to being proactive leaders in the ever-changing economy, looking outward to remain focused on our clients’ needs. We take the time to get to know our clients and they can count on us to ask the difficult questions for their benefit. Our thinking is directed to the future, because the big decisions our clients face now won’t change what happened in the past. Our clients’ success is defined by what they can accomplish today, and in the months and years to come.

With offices across Canada, and as part of the Grant Thornton International Ltd global organization of member firms in close to100 countries, we have the ability to serve our clients’ needs—locally, nationally and around the globe.


Industry knowledge and experience ―what does that mean to you?

Our practitioners work to develop an understanding of not only your business and the challenges you’re facing, but also your industry, your organization, your customers and your marketplace.

Privately held business, public companies and the public sector; manufacturing and distribution, professional services, transportation, real estate, construction, oil and gas, financial services, tourism and mining are among the many sectors and industries we serve.


Audit and accounting services you can have confidence in.

Audit and review • Financial statement preparation • Complex accounting • IFRS

We build trust through working closely with you, and delivering audits that are planned by partners and senior professionals. We do this by being proactive in delivering our audit and accounting services to help you remain up-to-date on what’s relevant to your business and industry, including new developments in corporate governance and financial reporting requirements, and the related legislative and technical changes.


Tax advice—locally, nationally, across the border and internationally.

Domestic • Expatriate • International • Sales • SR&ED • Succession and estate planning • Transfer pricing

Many of life’s big decisions—business and personal—have tax implications. Combine this with the fact that tax legislation is complex and always changing, and it’s difficult to keep a handle on all of the factors affecting your primary tax goal: to pay as little as you can. As a business owner or senior executive, you know only too well the role a properly designed tax strategy can play in addressing the needs—and contributing to the ultimate success—of your business. And so do we. It’s why we take an integrated approach to helping you manage taxes. To do this, we inform you about the latest tax rules, review the implications for your business and personal tax situations, and update you on important developments. Public companies require a different but equally dedicated approach. By answering to a more diverse set of stakeholders, public companies have enhanced reporting requirements. And we offer tax services designed to meet those requirements.

Risk and opportunity? Bring it on. We have solutions for the real world.

Today’s operating environment is defined by risk: fraud; litigation; competitive, market and environmental forces; security breaches; protection of information; insolvency; and the efficacy of your financing decisions, operations and strategy—at every turn, really.Our multidisciplinary teams of specialists draw from a national and international pool of expertise to help you evaluate, plan and implement the right policies, procedures and strategies.

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