If my company were an athlete, it would be a: Hockey Player

Daniel Hospitality Group

“Our company would be a hockey player because we’ve got grit

and speed and if we take a puck to the face, we get stitched up

and we’re right back out there for the next shift.”

Global Relay Communications Inc.

“Hockey in Canada is a proud national sport where everyone is united. Our company’s spirit is how Vancouver and Canada view hockey. We are leaders, always wanting to do better; we inspire each other, the community and industry through innovation, commitment and integrity.”

Nurse Next Door Home Healthcare Services Inc.

“We work as a team to succeed and are flexible to adapt to different situations ranging from conversations of integrity and accountability to conversations about supporting a client, caregiver or employee. We score by advanced strategies, passing the puck around the net and then executing as planned. If the puck is in front of the net, you have to be quick and flick the puck into the net for a quick goal.”