If my company were an athlete, it would be a: Mountain Biker

Steer Davies Gleave North America Inc.

“We’re able to quickly respond to changing environments – an unexpected treacherous hill for us is an unexpected change in market demand or shifting funding sources. We have the right equipment – flexible and intelligent workforce – to face these unexpected challenges and do it with style.”

Kardium Inc.

“We are lean and agile, highly skilled and able to respond to whatever obstacles get thrown our way. And it probably doesn’t hurt that we look good in spandex shorts, too.”

West Pacific Consulting Group Managed Services Inc.

“On a daily basis we’re relied upon to power over obstacles, yet finesse our way through trickier business situations with a feather touch. Our goals have set a challenging uphill climb and our team is counted on to have the stamina and endurance to keep on pedalling to help us achieve our goals. Plus, they really know how to party at the end of a tough section and so do we.”