Inside Leadership: How to Lead During Difficult Times

These B.C. leaders share their tips on how to getting through tough times

These five local leaders from the June issue of BCBusiness discuss their inspiration Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg—they all share smarts, wisdom and the ability to not only identify a strong mission and vision, but to find the right team to execute it. Those leadership traits are evergreen, but thanks to factors like generational differences and the rise of social media, recruiters and companies are after much more than a leader who can influence others to follow their vision these days.

Modern times call for modern leaders and today “the sort of a stern figure at the front, square-jawed, brave and bold and charging on is less attractive than somebody who’s got a combination of intelligence and charm and a vision for the world that people can buy into,” says Don Safnuk, founder of Corporate Recruiters Ltd. in Vancouver.