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My Shanti

Vikram Vij takes it to the burbs

“My Shanti is a little more Indian, a little richer, a little spicier,” says celeb chef and new Dragons’ Den dragon Vikram Vij of his highly anticipated new restaurant. The locale in the bustling South Surrey suburb is his first solo venture after opening Vij’s and Rangoli in Vancouver’s South Granville with his wife and business partner, Meeru Dhalwala. The restaurateur, who says the new restaurant means “my peace,” has an unconventional definition of tranquility: “I find my peace in noise, in chaos, in vibrant places.” My Shanti’s exterior conveys that vibrancy. Each enormous silver sequin that adorns the building’s outside was placed by hand on individual S-hooks, a nod to the dazzling women’s saris from Vij’s native India. The interior, designed by Marc Bricault, demonstrates even greater attention to detail—as does My Shanti’s eclectic menu. “The menu is completely different, perhaps a bit more casual and playful,” says Vij. “It’s a blend of many different influences and reflects my travels around India.” He points to the Chhatra Sagar’s baby eggplants, $14, named for the luxury resort from which he’s taken an ancestral recipe and added a spin. Expect the same first-come, first-served policy that’s the hallmark of Vij’s other restaurants—but with an 88-seat dining room and 30-seat patio, perhaps a shorter wait ( —Catherine Roscoe Barr