[numerology] by Melissa Edwards

1,150 Estimated number of digital media companies 
in B.C.
82%Estimated portion that are in the prototype, pre-launch or early commercialization stage
28Approximate number of movies 
you could watch in standard 
definition before maxing out the monthly Internet usage limit on Shaw or Telus “lite” plans1/4Portion of people who carry the “mean gene,” which influences brain chemistry to make carriers likely to bum cigarettes, unlikely to tip and compelled to add up restaurant bills by item rather than divide the total#3Ranking of 
Vancouver’s crime rate in 
a provincial 
advisory board’s 
survey of 17 North American 
10.6% Year-over-year increase 
in the consumer cost of electricity in B.C. at the end of 201027hours of karaoke sung by Björk and her supporters during a three-day demonstration against the takeover of Iceland’s third-largest power company by Vancouver’s Magma Energy Corp.50 Minimum number of goats 
stolen from farms in the Chilliwack-Agassiz area in the fall of 2010$10,000
Amount that can be gained or lost on an average $400,000 selling price for Vancouver homes with addresses containing numbers that are lucky or unlucky in Chinese culture
Portion of people involved in a study on regret who were unwilling to trade their lottery ticket for a ticket plus a cash incentive90%Success rate for treating C. difficile infection by transplanting feces from a healthy donor into the affected patient’s colon, according to a doctor at Burnaby General Hospital who has been barred from performing the procedure

<40%Share of B.C. doctors who wash their hands between patients