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Proven reliability in developing software which helps businesses grow…SYSPRO, formed in 1978, was among the first software vendors to develop an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution. Since its inception, SYSPRO has remained at the forefront of business software innovation. The company’s success has fueled its expansion across six continents, and helped it establish solid relationships with more than 1500 channel and support partners worldwide. Today, more than 14,500 companies in 60 countries rely on SYSPRO software to integrate their critical data and business processes into a single, unified system.

SYSPRO enterprise software provides small- to medium-sized businesses with a fully-integrated, modular offering that optimizes the systems and processes of single and multi-site manufacturers and distributors. Using a modular “building block” approach, the core SYSPRO system serves as a platform onto which customers can easily add business functionality and technological capabilities. The modular nature of the software allows businesses to control costs, by choosing only those functions needed to increase operational control and efficiency.

Financial ControlSYSPRO’s fully integrated system allows for transaction processing in the current period and prior periods. This alleviates the problems associated with period ends in that a period can be closed quickly and the next period’s transaction posting commenced, without losing the ability to correct or add postings to prior periods. The General ledger is particularly powerful in its ability to drill down to scrutinize or audit the sub-ledger’s original sourcetransaction. The General Ledger can be held open for two years, thus facilitating a very smooth year-end procedure.

SYSPRO provides support for various types of government tax requirements such as: Canadian two-tier tax system (GST and PST); Australian GST, VAT systems with input and output tax; USA sales tax system; European Union VAT system; withholding tax and tax by geographic area.

Inventory Management and DistributionSYSPRO facilitates sales analysis for market planning, demand analysis for replenishment planning and cost/revenue analysis for contracts, quotes and channel product mix. SYSPRO provides the ability to trace items back to the source and to their current location and identifies all cost elements associated with the movement of the goods. SYSPRO provides an order analysis with lost sales, shipment tracking and imported landed costing. SYSPRO also controls foreign currency transactions and allows real-time product configurations.

SYSPRO furthers contract management, cross-reference labeling, return merchandise authorization and tracking by serial or lot number. Additionally, SYSPRO provides wireless access to its database via a barcode reader or PDA to control material movements in real time eliminating the need for batch transfers or downloading of data.

Manufacturing ControlsBy supporting a wide range of discrete production methods, SYSPRO software gives manufacturers the flexibility and agility needed to remain competitive in a changing marketplace. Whether it is ISO certification, regulatory compliance, or LEAN practices you are aiming for, SYSPRO has the features to help you meet these corporate and operational goals. The software is extremely powerful in its ability to address the manufacturing environment by applying rules-based product configuration, facilitating engineering changes, formulating multilevel estimates for custom items, managing inventory in single and across multiple warehouses and achieving finite planning that encompasses real-time control of the factory floor.

SYSPRO Factory Scheduling can help maximize resources and increase available manufacturing capacity without incurring additional investments in machines or manpower. Relevant information at the point of manufacture is available graphically to a factory manager, enabling dynamic shifting of workloads down to the machine level to increase the plant’s overall throughput and execution, elevating efficiency and profitability.

Leveraging Key Technologies for External IntegrationSYSPRO provides a number of tools that enable external applications to communicate with SYSPRO and the SYSPRO data. In addition, SYSPRO is fully integrated with Microsoft Office. Triggers and Events enable the system to track any anomalies or events that need to be actioned when they happen. All these tools provide for an extended enterprise and communication with business partners.

SYSPRO’s ongoing product development focuses on establishing and maintaining strategic business partnerships and leveraging key technologies such as XML (Extensible Mark-up Language), XAML (Extensible Application Markup language), Microsoft .NET and COM. SYSPRO solutions enables the implementation of Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), allowing businesses to significantly increase their agility by simplifying the re-engineering of business processes. SYSPRO’s business partners offer systems integration and industry expertise backed by SYSPRO’s solid experience, intellectual capital and support infrastructures.

Protecting your DataThe entire SYSPRO system protected by different security levels and access controls. Operator access to solutions and programs is restricted according to defined roles. Advanced security options limit role access to individual posting transactions and querying of selected Warehouses, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Branches, Bank Codes and Job Classifications. Where there are a number of activities within programs, operators can be restricted to selected activities and fields. Electronic Signatures enable you to secure transactions by authenticating the operator who is performing the transaction. You can also configure the system to maintain a transaction log for auditing purposes and activate triggers for integration to third-party systems or notification via e-mail. Electronic Signatures can be configured at system, company, group, role or operator level. External access to data is controlled through business objects, thus maintaining the SYSPRO business rules and security integrity.

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