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TEC Canada

Taking the Lead

TEC (The Executive Committee) Canada may just be the Canadian business community’s best-kept secret.

As the largest and most highly regarded leadership organization for executives in Canada, TEC has been bringing together CEOs and other business leaders for their mutual benefit for the last 30 years. Groups of up to 16 members from non-competing industries come together once a month for a day of problem solving and thought leadership with the input of visiting world-class speakers. Each group is led by one of TEC’s 70 Chairs, who facilitate group discussions as well as provide one-on-one mentorship.

It’s a place for executives to talk through professional and personal challenges and opportunities, and get candid feedback from their peers, explains TEC’s new president and chief operating officer Ken MacLeod. “There are always going to be people around the table who’ve ‘been there, done that.’”

MacLeod, whose own career includes tenure as a TEC Chair as well as senior positions with OK Tire, Yamaha Motor Canada and Bombardier, knows TEC’s value first-hand. “Sometimes there are things CEOs just can’t discuss with their VPs or key executives. That’s when they need a safe environment where they can go into a room with 15 of their peers whom they trust, close the door and lay it all on the table,” says MacLeod. “You can’t buy that kind of value on the open market.”

In addition to its flagship CEO Forum, TEC offers a KEY Forum for senior executives and managers, a SAGE Forum for leaders who are entering the latter stages of their careers and programs in development for emerging enterprises and aspiring entrepreneurs. Today, TEC’s nearly 1,000 members are collectively part of a global network of over 17,000 members in 15 countries through TEC’s affiliate, Vistage International.  

MacLeod calls TEC the best available resource for an executive’s professional growth. “If you can invest that one day a month in your business and in yourself, the return is immeasurable.”