TELUS Business Freedom

TELUS Business Freedom keeps small and medium businesses connected and competitive

Running a small business doesn’t give you much time to sweat over the small stuff. Unreliable Internet service, fixed long-term contracts and trying to coordinate multiple providers can get expensive, just to stay connected. TELUS Business Freedom bundles any combination of office phone, office Internet and wireless to help keep small and medium businesses connected and competitive.
“Business Freedom is putting our best foot forward and providing the freedom and flexibility for small businesses to work how and when they need to, and providing it at a great price,” says Leigh Tynan, Director of Products and Services for Small & Medium Business Marketing at TELUS.
TELUS Business Freedom brings together the services necessary for operating a business with up to 100 employees in a flexible and cost-effective package. Business Freedom gives you the tools you need to connect with your customers, whether it’s on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or over the phone. Office Internet comes bundled with 4G wireless backup, so your business can easily switch to TELUS’s high-speed wireless network in the event of a service disruption. Business Freedom includes 24/7 tech support and the freedom to upgrade devices or change services at any time.
First offered in 2011, TELUS enhanced Business Freedom last year by adding focus on service reliability. “When we were talking to customers last spring, we asked what was most important to them,” says Tynan. “What came back as the most important factor was reliability, because customers cannot afford for their services to not work.”
Whether you’re scaling up or scaling back, or just wanting to connect with your clients, TELUS Business Freedom offers a reliable, flexible and cost-effective solution to meet your business needs.
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