The 11th Annual Best Companies to work for in B.C.

Raised the bar,

upped your game, hit it out of the park.

Yes, they’re clichés, but it’s no coincidence that sports are a rich source of business metaphors. Whether it’s a solo skater turning triple Salchows and double Lutzes, or hard-hitting third-liners dealing backchecks and blocking slapshots, athletes offer unique lessons in performing at your peak.

That’s why we asked this year’s Best Company survey participants to compare their companies to athletes. Who’d have thought that landscapers take inspiration from figure skaters, or that a medical manufacturer fancies itself a surfer?

Join us once again as we examine the best practices that define the 20 best companies to work for in B.C. With our partners at Mindfield RPO Group Inc., we analyzed data from thousands of employee surveys and executive questionnaires to determine this year’s winners. (For a detailed methodology, see “How the Winners Are Determined,” p.69.)