The Art of Style

Event: Art of Style Fashion Show Venue: Beyond, Century Plaza Hotel Date: September 14, 2010

The fashionistas of Wear Else. From left: Miranda Horsfall, president Zahra Mamdani, Shaina Sidi, Anita Shniel and Karen Shankey.

Jennifer Scott (l) and Rachel Harrison of A Good Chick to Know rock fall’s sweetest accessory a newborn babe (Layla Harrison).

Heather La-Prairie, Julie Brewster and Kelly Fuller with Jacquie Mather of Canada Wide Media.

Fit and fabulous Mary-Lou Foley of Deloitte gets some work out tips from Kalev Jaaguste of Kalev Personal Training.

The ladies of the Cadillac Fairview, Alison Branco (l) and Sandi Green, get outfitted for fall.

The ladies of Odlum Brown do investments with style. From left: Julianna Zumpano, Tannis Pratt, Shelly Appleton-Benko and Mary MacDonald.

Katerina Suchy (l) and Kari Holst of Carrie Wheeler Entertainment Group.

Australian beauties Sally Dreaveo (l) and Kate Duustan sample some of Beyond’s delicious edibles.

Sarah Morton (l) of Backbone Systems and Nathalie Dysthe of the Sauder School rock printed blouses and classic black suits.

Accountants Shannon Thompson (l) and Debbie Roque of CMABC.

Claudia Duffield (l) and Sanue Trodd of California Closets will find you the perfect storage space for your new duds.

Erika Sivertson (l) of Erka Interior Design and Naz Degan of Divine Matchmaking.

Courtney Brown snatches up one of the evenings only men in a five-mile radius Azim Jamal of Retirement Concepts.

Event: Art of Style Fashion Show
Venue: Beyond, Century Plaza Hotel
Date: September 14, 2010

What’s so great about the start of fall? Not a heck of a lot. Gloomier weather, the end of summer travel exploits, the death of barbecue season. But there is one promising thing that comes with the new season… a fresh wardrobe. Vancouver women’s clothier Wear Else teamed up with home side, BCBusiness, for the second year, putting on a runway show for fashionable business ladies as the weather turns, bringing with it thoughts of boots, sweaters, and heavier garments. Hosted at the Century Plaza hotel, the cocktail reception was hivelike, with the estrogen dialed to the max. Fall fashion, fantastic food and fabulous females. How could you possibly fail?

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