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The Vancouver Club

Although the exterior of The Vancouver Club hasn’t changed too much over its more than 125-year history, the same can’t be said for what’s happening inside its storied walls.
Established in 1889, The Vancouver Club is a long-standing presence in the heart of Vancouver’s business district, and is driven by a talented team led fearlessly by General Manager Philip Ireland. The goal for Ireland and his team is simple: provide its members and their guests with the very best.
“The service industry is, I think personally, a bit of a dying art form,” says James Grass, head of special events and VIP services. “To get really good service nowadays, you have to really search hard for it, and we make sure that’s a point of reference for our membership – that they come to the Club, and when they’re here, they feel like whatever their request is, whatever they need, it’s going to be taken care of.”
And when members enter the Club, the amenities available to them are as impressive as the service itself.
There’s a fully equipped fitness facility for those looking to squeeze in a bit of a sweat in between meetings, massage therapy or a yoga class for those hectic days, a wireless business centre equipped with computers, a printer and fax machine, a variety of meeting rooms and banquet facilities and the Enoteca Wine Boutique and Spirits room that can be enjoyed with clients and colleagues.
To wind down the day, members can enjoy some friendly competition in the billiards room featuring four traditional size Burrough and Watts tables, or head over to The Grill to enjoy some food and drinks. And just like its members who are always striving for the best in their respective professions, the Club is always looking to enhance the experience for its members.
The Vancouver Club recently invested $1.5-million to renovate its kitchen, which now boasts state-of-the-art equipment and is large enough for a group of 25 people to participate in a cooking class led by the Club’s Executive Chef Sean Cousins and his talented team of chefs. In the spring and summer months the new rooftop patio will a beautiful gathering space for all to enjoy.
Understanding the importance of balance in life, the Club hosts a number of events to help members get away from the day-to-day grind that work often brings, as well as meet people from different industries that they wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to connect with. And with membership packages for spouses and family, members can feel right at home while enjoying all the perks of the Club.
From the bright smiles on the faces of all the staff to the benefits and amenities members can enjoy to the exclusive community that is being formed, there The Vancouver Club has never been more alive.