The Verch Group of Raymond James Ltd.

What Women Want

The Verch Group at Raymond James Ltd. empowers women to take control of their finances

Most successful businesswomen boast a similar set of qualities—they are intelligent, entrepreneurial “big picture” people, but also strong decision makers who know when to delegate to the best people they have gathered around them.

Portfolio manager and investment advisor Sybil Verch embraces these qualities of her clients—a select group of high-net-worth women entrepreneurs and CEOs who understand that personal financial management is best conducted by a trusted professional who will help them achieve their goals.

“They are busy women, visionaries, doing what they do best; but they tend to put their own financial situation on the back burner,” explains Verch, named Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year for her business acumen and community leadership. “I am passionate about what I do—I was born to do this—and because our no. 1 focus is client-first, long-term relationships, being selective allows us to give each client the service we believe in, and to identify and pursue opportunities for them.”

A decisive problem solver with 20 years of industry knowledge and experience, Verch believes financial decisions must be made logically, based on research and an understanding of each client’s unique needs.

“What are your goals? What does your future look like?” she asks. “What keeps you up at night and what gets you up in the morning?”

Developing trust is key and Verch begins by getting to know her clients, before developing and implementing a business plan to achieve their goals. “We tell people what they need to hear, not necessarily what they want to hear.

“Removing emotion from decision making is critical to success in the financial industry,” says Verch, who also enjoys volunteering through Junior Achievement and as a financial mentor with the business show The Hard Way.

“We are excited to help clients achieve their goals—that’s what gets me out of bed each day!”

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