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Toast to the Coast

Vancouver Aquarium

October 17, 2014

The Vancouver Aquarium’s annual Toast to the Coast fundraiser presented by CIBC raised more than $145,000 with all proceeds supporting research, education and programs that benefit ocean conservation.

1 (Left to right) Kirk LaPointe, NPA mayoral candidate; Aurora Stevenson; and Mike Stevenson, CIBC senior VP. 2 David Nevar, RealCap Financial president & founder; and Kim Nevar. 3 Toast to the Coast committee members: Warren Tsoi, Wells Fargo assistant VP; Joshua Tuokkola, Vivonet enterprise accounts manager; Tristan Sawtell, Scotia-MacLeod wealth advisor and chair of Toast to the Coast; and Nicholas Tsoi, Slater Vecchio LLP lawyer. 4 Toast to the Coast committee members: Krista Magnusson; Danica Jeffery; Brianna Blaney; Tiffany Smith; and Cecilia Li. 5 Susan Archibald, Vancouver Aquarium senior VP external relations; Dolf DeJong, Vancouver Aquarium VP conservation & education; and Lori Howe, Vancouver Aquarium VP human resources. 6 Tricia Gilliss, S.i. Systems managing director; and Izzie Egan, Lululemon manager of recruitment. ■