TRIUMF is Canada’s national laboratory for nuclear and particle physics research—and one of the world’s leading facilities of its kind.

Running the gamut from medical imaging at a molecular level to the formation of supernovae in outer space, TRIUMF’s leading-edge research in the fields of particle physics, nuclear physics, nuclear medicine and materials science has made significant contributions to the global research community and scientific body of knowledge.
Furthermore, TRIUMF is committed to transferring advanced technical developments and skills to the Canadian commercial sector. By working together with various collaborators and business partners, TRIUMF’s discoveries are commercialized and put to use for the benefit of all Canadians—from improving medical diagnostic tools and developing new cancer treatments to spawning world-leading high-tech companies and improving our understanding of the environment.
As a national laboratory, TRIUMF maintains strong partnerships with and participates in high-profile collaborative projects alongside other top research facilities around the world. While TRIUMF has a staff of 340 scientists, engineers and technicians, there are likely to be 500-plus people on site on any given day, including visiting international students and researchers who have come to see and contribute to the innovative work TRIUMF is doing.
TRIUMF was founded at the University of British Columbia’s Vancouver campus in 1968 by UBC, Simon Fraser University and the University of Victoria to meet research needs that no single university could provide; today, TRIUMF is owned and operated by a consortium of 18 universities from coast to coast. The province of B.C. supported the original building of TRIUMF and the laboratory’s ongoing operations are funded primarily by the Government of Canada.