What Was Your Most Intense Bonding Exercise?

JAMES ALISCH Vice-president of operations, 1-800-Got-Junk LLC

Vice-president of operations, 1-800-Got-Junk LLC

“Last year I took our field operations team to the Olympic Park in Park City, Utah, where they have the Olympic bobsled course. There was no ice because it was the summer, but we did the concrete course on wheels. It was absolutely wild! We did that and then also a huge, huge zipline flying down the mountain in Park City.”

Senior channel specialist, lottery gaming, B.C. Lottery Corp.  

“We took a team outside of Vancouver and had them all in one location. We had an Iron Chef barbecue challenge. It was very unique, it was a different platform and it wasn’t something people had usually done in the past. People tend to be a lot more creative outside their environments, we find. This year we are planning on going to a ranch so people can do things they don’t usually do.”

Human resources manager, Sophos PLC

“Last year we went on Harbour Cruises. We rented one of their large boats for 200 people and called it the Nautical Olympics. Everyone was expected to determine their nautical theme. We had sailors, pirates; we even had the Michael Phelps fan club, and they all wore inner tubes and terrible gold jumpsuits, goggles and swimming caps.”