What’s Your Favourite App?

SANDY FLEISCHER, vice-president and general manager, Cossette and Fjord 
Interactive Marketing and Technology

“One called Pocket Universe is incredible. When we’ve got a bright, clear sky here at night in Vancouver, it essentially will tell 
you what constellations or what star you’re looking at. You just hold it up to the sky and it ties into the GPS and compass functionality. I’ve got a small boy, so it’s awesome to talk to him about what constellation we’re looking at.”

KRIS KRUG, fashion, music and portraits photographer, technologist and author

“Darkslide is a super lightweight Flickr up-loader and interface. I use it to upload my photos to Flickr but also as a quick way to check on my recent comments and messages. The other kind of cool function it has is a ‘near me’ button; sometimes I’ll push it when I wake up to see what’s going on in Gastown or Vancouver and get the most recently uploaded photos from that area.”

DERRAL MORIYAMA, senior vice-president, Vancouver district, BMO Bank of Montreal 

“The key thing for me with the BlackBerry is the connectivity. Our customers are looking for a quick turnaround on applications and staying current, so the time element to me is absolutely key. Having the email, schedule and the address book, as well as the Internet piece at my fingertips, all in one device has been a godsend for me. Wherever I am, generally I can continue to do business and move things along.”