Federal Conservatives and NDP see popularity boost in B.C.

Monthly poll tracking by the CBC shows that the opposition federal parties are inching closer in popularity to the ruling Liberals in British Columbia.

The NDP and the Conservative Party, in particular, seem to be picking up some steam in the province after electing new permanent leaders.

Since Andrew Scheer took over as leader in May, the Conservative Party has seen a roughly five-point boost in popularity in B.C., with about 28 per cent of respondents preferring the Tories.

Likewise, since Jagmeet Singh started generating noise as the presumptive winner of the race to be leader of the New Democrats, the party has seen a favourable bump with British Columbians. The party was polling at just under 25 per cent at the end of October, up from August, when it was below 20 per cent.

The Liberals stood at 36 per cent in October, a far cry from the 45 per cent support the party enjoyed almost a year earlier, in November 2016.