A&W’s new clothing collab with Vancouver brand Frankie Collective is shockingly cool

It's easy to start beef with big brands, but this upcycled clothing line is actually pretty awesome—and it's selling out fast

It’s easy to start beef with big brands, but this upcycled clothing line is actually pretty awesome—and it’s selling out fast

Im all for the little and local, so usually, a merch announcement from a mega hamburger brand wouldn’t draw my attention. But throw in a Vancouver collaborator and an eco-element, and I’m interested. Thats what A&W Canada did at its launch of A&W x Frankie clothing on December 3.

Here, an admission: while the local angle and the sustainability factor grabbed me, it wasnt what sold me. It was that this collab with Frankie Collective isnt the boring, brand-heavy, only-looks-cool-if-you-happen-to-be-super-hot-and-skinny vibe that most merch has. Its very trendy, a little edgy and something you could wear nonironically. Behold:

The T-shirts, shorts, sweatpants and jackets are all made from leftover A&W merch and salvaged clothing. Its an upcycled line that really reflects marketing in 2021: get on board with sustainability or get out of here. Whether or not A&Ws actual behaviour aligns with that is more complex (it has some information about eco-friendly practices here). But from a purely aesthetic perspective, I have to say Im impressed.

A bit about Frankie Collective: the Vancouver-based company sells used clothes and turns salvaged garments into fashion-forward streetwear. They donate 1 percent of their sales to nonprofits including the Native Womens Association of Canada and Qmunity. And this isnt their first big collab: theyre currently working on projects with Nike, Adidas and Reebok, too.

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So its no surprise, really, that this new upcycled merch is selling out fast (my favourite T-shirt is only available in extra small; curse this average body). The A&W Thrift Shop website isnt particularly user-friendly, either: you cant filter by clothing type, or even by whats still available, so there is a lot of scrolling involved. Worth it for some very cool burger merch? I think so.