Style & Substance: How to dress like a B.C. boss

Style insight, advice and ideas from the minds (and closets) of B.C. professionals

The hottest hues, according to a custom clothing creative director

Jason Sarai, Sarai Bespoke
Photo by Pierre Production

“This year we have been co-creating many garments in the peach, rose and rich purple colour palette. These are definitely trending colours at the moment, and it has been inspiring to see them come to life.” —Jason Sarai, Sarai Bespoke

Trends to watch, according to a glasses store owner

Sue Randhawa, The Optical Boutique

“While in New York and Paris recently, I saw several emerging eyewear trends on the runways. The resurgence of large frames from the ’70s and ’80s coupled with subtle indoor tints stood out prominently. The  aviator silhouette remains strong for women in particular.  Vintage-inspired eyewear from the ’50s and ’60s also sells well. A trend that is ‘outdated’ in my store would  be the minimal rimless look.” —Sue Randhawa, The Optical Boutique

Walking away from discomfort, according to a clothing designer

Katelyn Woodburn, Street & Saddle

The Devil Wears Prada era of wearing towering heels with every outfit and ultra-tailored clothing is slowly waning. I see many more fashion professionals embracing sneakers, oversized silhouettes and slouchy thrifted blazers.” —Katelyn Woodburn, Street & Saddle

The most versatile item of clothing, according to a restaurateur

Amelie Nguyen, Anh and Chi
Photo by Trudy Tran

“Definitely a blazer of any sort! You can throw on a blazer over jeans and white kicks for a youthful and fun vibe, or pair it with a dressier pant or skirt,  pop on some heels and feel like a boss babe.” —Amelie Nguyen, Anh and Chi

Building confidence inside and out, according to a personal shopper

Jutta Aikas, Hudson’s Bay

“As you discover your own style and dress in a way that is congruent with who you are and how you feel, your confidence grows. That’s what others will perceive from you, more than just what you are wearing.” —Jutta Aikäs, Hudson’s Bay

Matching work and wardrobe, according to an interior designer

Lindsay Eby, Lindsay Eby Interiors
Photo by Noah Ansanias

“Professionally, my style matches my design sensibility. I design with a classic and clean-lined basis and then add interesting or sculptural  elements throughout the home, and my wardrobe is a collection of good-quality basics that I  enrich with jewelry or pops of colour.” —Lindsay Eby, Lindsay Eby Interiors

Every day is casual Friday, according to a men’s clothing store CEO

Zahir Rajani, Rajani Bespoke

“It’s becoming more and more acceptable to dress down the formal look. For example, instead of a full two- or three-piece suit, we are seeing gentlemen wear jeans or chinos coupled with a sport jacket or blazer.” —Zahir Rajani, Rajani Bespoke

Rules to break, according to a jewelry designer

Leah Yard,  Leah Yard Designs

“Pearls are no longer a formal accessory saved for special  occasions. We’re seeing them paired with ripped denim and  graphic tees. Plus, statement  jewelry is on the rise—fewer one-and-done pieces like the bib necklaces and chandelier earrings we wore in the early 2000s, and more mixing metals and playing with textures. Fashion from head to toe is becoming far more about personal expression than it is  about ‘fitting in.’” —Leah Yard, Leah Yard Designs

How COVID changed the game, according to a personal stylist

Lerit Nifesi, image consultant
Photo by Mallory Lundgren

“A lot of people are going for clothes that provide comfort and are functional. This change was triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic when a lot of people had to work from home. Designers are noticing the need for more functional and practical yet stylish pieces.” —Lerit Nifesi, image consultant

How neckties can help you network, according to a luxury menswear president

Manuel Bernaschek, Stefano Ricci

“I’ve always enjoyed wearing high-quality ties that also get people’s attention and start conversations. For years I would buy pleated and patchwork ties. My wife thought I was crazy spending so much for ties, but I loved that they were so intricate.” —Manuel Bernaschek, Stefano Ricci

Making an impressive first impression, according to a public relations firm VP

Ada Slivinski, Talk Shop Media

“My personal style is a mix between corporate girlie and school pickup mom. I love incorporating bright colours so people can find me in a busy room! I wore a light pink power suit to a media training breakfast—so many people remembered me by it and pointed it out in their follow-up messages.” —Ada Slivinski, Talk Shop Media

Polish for all, according to a content creator

Todd Mitchell, Sooo Good
Photo by Janine Curry

“Many cis men, including myself, are starting to have their nails done and painted. It comes from a shift in unisex style and gender fluidity. It’s a positive trend that I am constantly  complimented on by all people.” —Todd Mitchell, Sooo Good

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