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Everything Wine Makes Saving Energy Simple

Switching out its halogen bulbs with more energy-efficient ones has benefited Everything Wine’s bottles and bottom line. 

The dilemma
For retailers, a shop’s in-store appeal is paramount; and lighting is a vital factor in a product’s presentation and appeal.

That’s certainly the case for Everything Wine. The wine superstore carries thousands of wines from around the globe, from Champagne and vintage port to cider and ice wines, including a vast selection of premium wines and hard-to-find bottles.

Until recently, Everything Wine had been using traditional halogen lightbulbs in its expansive North Vancouver location. With 114 sockets in the store, those bulbs were a drain on the company’s energy usage and costs – they were also inconvenient.

“We ordered them from a local supplier and struggled with keeping them in stock because they were going out daily,” says store manager Rory Conroy. “Lighting’s so important to keep bottles looking their best, but another problem in the Premium Room was that there are high shelves located directly under spotlights, and we couldn’t use the shelves because the lights were too warm. 

The solution
One of Everything Wine’s customers, Franco De Biasio, happens to be a technician with a member of BC Hydro’s Power Smart Alliance. The independent network of registered contractors and distributors provides energy-saving solutions and implements upgrades for customers through BC Hydro’s Power Smart Express Program.

He mentioned that by using LED bulbs, the store could improve the quality and appearance of its lighting, while at the same time save money and energy.

“One of our customers saw the opportunity and made us aware of it,” Conroy says. “We didn’t really know we needed that kind of retrofit but we’ve certainly benefitted from it.”

Conroy contacted the Power Smart Business Help Desk to set things in motion. The lighting vendor then brought in several different types and shades of LED bulbs for Conroy to choose from.

“He helped us make sure we got the colour we wanted,” he says. “We didn’t want a cold, searing, blue light but a nice, warm colour, especially in the Premium Room.”

From there, the project was simple, with the store’s staff members replacing the halogen reflectors and bulbs with screw-in energy-efficient ones themselves over the course of a few afternoons in May 2014.

The outcome
Conroy was impressed by how easy the process was, and couldn’t be more pleased about how the store looks. He’s able to use those high shelves, and workers aren’t having to constantly replace burnt-out bulbs.

“We want to keep as much premium wine at the appropriate temperature in that room as we can,” Conroy says.

He applied for the incentive, which made the upfront costs of purchasing the new bulbs more manageable.

The products cost $4,741, and the incentive totalled $1,288, meaning actual costs were $3,453. The annual energy savings is 21,960 kWh, equalling $1,976 in financial savings per year, resulting in a 20-month payback. 

Conroy has shared the store’s experience with Everything Wine managers at its other locations in South Surrey and Langford. There are more sustainability-focused changes in the works for the future.

“We have other projects in mind for 2015, including accent lighting around the tasting bar, glassware display and Vintages Room as well as lighting in the wine cooler,” Conroy says. “It makes financial  and business sense, and it’s got a positive environmental impact.

“We knew that by spending a little bit up front to get these in place, we wouldn’t have to worry about them for years,” he adds. “I haven’t had to change a lightbulb since.”

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