IROS 2017 robotics conference turns 30 in Vancouver

The five-day IROS 2017 robotics conference focuses on making robots friendlier to people

Credit: Courtesy Pal Robotics

Spain’s Pal Robotics is an exhibitor at IROS 2017

The five-day international gathering focuses on making robots friendlier to people

It’s time to welcome our robot overlords to Vancouver. Seriously, the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2017) takes place at the Vancouver Convention Centre from September 24 to 28. This year’s theme for the gathering, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary: Friendly People, Friendly Robots. IROS 2017 will explore the growing integration of robots and humans everywhere from the workplace to the home—and the challenges and opportunities when it comes to developing friendly machines that work effectively with, for and around people.

Conference organizers are expecting a crowd of almost 3,000. Participants can attend several competitions, among them a Humanoid Robotic Magic Show and autonomous drone racing at—heads up, Star Wars nerds—Mos Eisley Vancouver Arena. Langley-based Genesis Robotics, whose core product is a direct-drive actuator that powers robots, will sponsor the opening reception. Besides U.S. tech giant Intel Corp. and Spanish humanoid-robot developer Pal Robotics, the 40-plus exhibitors include Seamor Marine Ltd., a Nanaimo-headquartered maker of subsea remotely operated vehicles.

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