Where on Earth are the best opportunities for women in tech?

With the gender wage gap reportedly affecting women across the world, a European company that connects pre-screened tech talent with companies in a marketplace has looked into the barriers and opportunities for female workers in the IT industry. The study, conducted by Honeypot, focuses on 41 countries in the OECD and EU and data covers areas such as:

  • Gender in the overall economy: factors such as percentage of women in work and the overall gender income parity.
  • Women in tech: as measured by the number of women in IT positions compared to the overall numbers of people in tech.
  • Opportunities for women in tech: calculated by comparing the difference between the percentage share of women in the general workforce, and the percentage of women in the technology sector. In addition, the study took into account the percentage of female STEM graduates.
  • Tech wage gap: difference in gender wage gap between women working in the tech industry and the overall workforce at large.
  • Female career progression: as judged by the percentage of women in managerial and ministerial positions.