Chinese ride-sharing apps thrive in B.C.

It’s easy to lament the absence of ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft in B.C., especially when other major cities across the country enjoy their services.

But, according to a National Post report, that isn’t actually the case. 

There are actually many ride-sharing companies that operate in the province, you just have to speak Chinese. 

Catering almost exclusively to Chinese-speaking clientele, companies like Raccoon Go, Udi Kuaiche and Dingdang Carpool advertise on the popular Chinese-language social media platform, WeChat.

B.C.’s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has issued two public advisories warning about the “illegal operation of passenger directed vehicles.”

Besides the aforementioned companies, the ministry has identified Longmao, U Drop, Gokabu and AO Rideshare among the companies that have developed ride-sourcing apps. “All of these apps are Chinese-language apps,” the ministry said in a statement.