This month's election promises to be full of promises, if nothing else. A look at what the contenders are saying on four top issues affecting B.C.

Party leaders who came from B.C.:

John Turner (Liberals, 1984-1990)
Kim Campbell (PC, 1993)
Stockwell Day (Canadian Alliance, 2000-2001)
Elizabeth May (Green, 2006-present)

As you may have heard, there will be a federal election on October 19—and for the first time since Stephen Harper became PM in 2006, the outcome in B.C. is anything but certain. The Big Blue Fortress—which saw 21 Tories elected in 2011, out of 36 available seats—is facing a serious threat not only from the NDP, which holds 12 seats, but also the Liberals, with two, and in some corners, even the Greens. This year also sees six new seats added to the B.C. map, throwing a lot of assumptions up in the air. So what are the three main contenders promising, on issues that matter to British Columbians, to swing the vote?