President, Whitefish Group Holdings Ltd.

As the head of a brand-management company, you must take your appearance pretty seriously.
Oh yeah, I do. You’ve got to look good to be successful and feel successful.

How would you say you brand yourself then?
I think it’s not what you wear but how you present what you wear. So I don’t wear a lot of loud clothing. Nothing overly trendy, nothing offensive, but I’m not “white shirt, black suit” either.

Where did you pick up this outfit?
It’s a Barneys New York suit, Italian wool. The shirt and tie are both Harry & Sons, which is an Italian shirt-maker, but they don’t have it in North America. I get most of my clothes when I travel, so I get shirts and ties from around the world.

Is that a bracelet on your wrist?
One is from my daughter, who routinely makes them for me. She’s seven. And I have a blue one kind of like the Livestrong band. The blue band is our company colour and it has our logo and our pledge on it. I would say 90 per cent of the people in our company wear what we’re committed to on their wrist.

You must travel a lot – how do you choose a wardrobe for that?
A lot of black pants! Usually a shirt and tie that work together, but I also try to have shirts that can work without a tie if the situation calls for it. My philosophy is that you can always take your tie off but you can never put one on if you forgot it.

Any other tips for success on the road?
Polished shoes. Always get the shoeshine at the airport so that you’re ready to go. And sometimes with delays, you’re running right to the meeting – another reason to have your carry-on and your suit jacket with you.