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Oct 1, 2011
Incentive Benefits: Ferus Inc.
BC Hydro Power Smart

When liquid nitrogen manufacturer Ferus Inc. decided to build a multi-million dollar production plant in Dawson Creek, Power Smart lent a helping hand. Ferus Inc.’s new production plant in Dawson Creek is yet more evidence that partnerships with Power Smart result in tangible mutual benefits.

Oct 1, 2011
Reducing Waste: Brenco Industries
BC Hydro Power Smart

Brenco Metal Processing & Fabricating has achieved considerable energy savings via simple initiatives undertaken as part of the Power Smart Partners Industrial Program. Chris Moore, operations manager for Brenco Industries, says becoming a Power Smart Industrial Partner in 2010 was "In line with our strategic plan."  This is partly because Brenco already operated a program (Waste-O-Saurus) that recognizes customers who achieve waste reduction.

Sep 5, 2011
Viking Air Resurrects the Twin Otter
David Godsall

Entering the shop floor of the Viking Air Ltd. parts factory, the first thing you notice is people, lots of them. The 350 employees in this hangar nestled in the Saanich Peninsula hills behind the Victoria airport are making brand...

Jul 13, 2011
Reinventing Disposable Plastic: The Next Great Brand Challenge?
Marc Stoiber

“We live in a platform world,” an enthusiastic Jason Foster of Replenish, told me at the recent Sustainable Brands Conference in Monterey. “Bulk, weight, and mass are the new parameters for innovation.” If this all sounds a bit confusing, let me...

Jun 6, 2011
BC Ferries: Out at Sea
Nick Rockel

Fifty years after its creation, 
has BC Ferries lost its way? In keeping with its mission to get people onboard, British Columbia Ferry Services Inc. has a come-hither slogan: “Experience the difference.” There’s no doubt the organization popularly known as BC Ferries isn’t what it used to be, but whether or not that’s a good thing is up for debate. 

Jun 6, 2011
Highways of Gold: Asphalt Recycling
Christine McLaren

Every time you drive on a blacktop road, you’re gliding along a ribbon of black gold. Or at least, that’s the way Shane Stothert wants you to see it. The general manager and co-owner of the family-run Green Roads Recycling...

Apr 4, 2011
Modo the Car Co-op
David Jordan

Congratulations to Modo the Car Co-op, #15 in 2011's Most Innovative Companies in B.C. Giving away your core product to competitors isn’t a typical business strategy, but when you’re out to change the world, your number one priority has got to be expanding the market.

Feb 23, 2011
World's Most Outrageous Construction Projects
Shawn Conner

Charting the world's construction projects with the biggest scope and the price tags to match. From the great pyramids of Egypt to the temples of the Aztecs to the detoxification of Charlie Sheen, man has never shied away from undertaking huge, near-impossible projects. In the still-young 21st century, this means taller, longer, and with more shopping.

Feb 5, 2011
How to Import a Car from the USA to Canada
John Bermingham

Thanks to the strong Canadian loonie, importing cars to Canada from the U.S. has once again become a very good idea. The Canadian dollar is regularly worth more than the U.S. greenback, there is a friendly free-trade deal between the two countries and the price-savings can be in the order of 20 or 30 per cent.

Jan 4, 2011
Rethinking (and Rebuilding) B.C. Infrastructure

Considering all the obstacles, it’s a wonder anything gets built at all in B.C. There are strict new regulations, a furious debate over public-private partnerships (P3s), clashing regional politics, good old-fashioned NIMBYism and – of course – the question of...

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