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Manufacturing & Transport

Jan 8, 2018
Canadian airline sued over treatment of passengers
By the Editors

Air Passenger Rights, a Canadian advocacy organization based in Halifax, has filed a lawsuit against Montreal-based Air Transat and the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA). In July 2017, passengers were kept aboard two Air Transat flights that had been diverted due...

Nov 29, 2017
FLO a Canadian company at the forefront of the EV revolution

BCBusiness + FLO There’s an undeniable trend in the automobile industry: more and more people are making the switch to plug-in electric vehicles, and the numbers demonstrate that this momentum is here to stay. However, one of the main impediments to the proliferation...

Nov 17, 2017
Rocky Mountaineer and founder Peter Armstrong take two honours
By the Editors

Rocky Mountaineer is on the right track. At a recent ceremony in Toronto, the Vancouver-based rail tourism company received the 2017 Private Business Growth Award from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and professional services firm Grant Thornton LLP. Founded in 1990...

Nov 2, 2017
Why self-driving cars threaten our romance with the road
Steve Burgess

The January 1958 issue of the Radio Corp. of America’s Electronic Age magazine was hit-and-miss in its predictions. The widespread availability of colour television worked out as forecast. But “Radio via Meteor Trails?” This was a story claiming scientists were bouncing...

Oct 31, 2017
Which cities have the most sustainable urban transportation systems?
By the Editors

Every city’s transportation system has its own peculiarities, but anyone who travels knows some are better than others. The Arcadis Sustainable Cities Mobility Index assesses the quality and sustainability of mobility systems in 100 cities around the world using 23 indicators...

Oct 12, 2017
5 B.C. wineries head to court over shipping liquor between provinces
By BCBusiness

On Tuesday (October 10), the Supreme Court of Canada gave permission to five small B.C wineries to intervene in a case involving shipping liquor across provincial borders. The Province of New Brunswick is appealing a provincial court ruling that limiting...

Sep 11, 2017
Top 100 2017: How a Seattle transplant made his mark on TransLink
Jacob Parry

Armed with a pack of M&M’s and a wall-mounted transit map, Kevin Desmond is ready to embark on a virtual tour of the Lower Mainland. As he moves through Richmond, the TransLink CEO sees a Canada Line expansion southward. On...

Aug 24, 2017
Does B.C.'s green building sector create employment?
By BCBusiness

While the number of jobs related to the construction of new green buildings in B.C. has increased to 31,700, up from 23,200 in 2015, employment stemming from energy-efficiency retrofits for existing buildings has dropped by one third, according to the...

Jul 25, 2017
B.C. craft distiller lobbies new provincial government
By BCBusiness

Goodridge & Williams, makers of Sid’s Handcrafted Vodka and other spirits, has written an open letter to the new B.C. government on behalf of the province’s craft distilling sector, hoping to spur discussion about industry regulations. According to the company...

Jul 20, 2017
Industry Adapts To 'Sharing Economy'

BCBusiness + The Insurance Institute of British Columbia There are probably few people who are oblivious to the rise of Airbnb and its effect on the hotel industry. Ditto for Uber and its impact on the taxi trade. Such practices can be easily underestimated because they’ve been enabled purely because of technology...

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