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Oct 8, 2009
A Passage to India for B.C. Exports?
Andrew Findlay

It has one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. Its middle class of 300 million people is expected to double in less than 15 years. Is India the Promised Land for B.C.’s beleaguered exporters? Mervyn Pinto thinks so.

Sep 2, 2009
Garbage Scrap
Peter Severinson

Small-time hauler takes on the giants. The owner of a small garbage-hauling business is celebrating a victory over a pair of multi- national competitors after federal watchdogs agreed that their behaviour amounted to “abuse of dominance.” Derek Haarsma says he left the cut-throat...

Sep 2, 2009
All Aboard the New Canada Line
Steve Burgess

The new SkyTrain to YVR is great news for most people. But whither the poor cabbie? The Canada Line is running. A train to the airport – it’s about time. I speak as someone who once, in a younger, more foolish...

Aug 6, 2009
Toys in the Hood: Auto Pimps
Alison McLaughlin

Recipe for economic survival in turtling times: go with the bling. The North American auto industry may be reeling, with Chrysler LLC and General Motors Corp. in bankruptcy and dealerships closing down faster than a Lamborghini on a deserted Saskatchewan highway. But in the niche world of “auto pimping” – popular with the Lower Mainland’s growing legion of gangsters, real and imagined – business is booming.

Aug 5, 2009
The Ballard Legacy
Brent Holliday

Spinoffs proving to be a driving force behind next-gen electric cars. About 30 years ago, Ballard Research Inc. started out as a company figuring out how to make high-energy, long-life lithium batteries, and its success was marked by the U.S. Navy signing up as a customer using its batteries in submarines. Yes, lithium batteries, not fuel cells; the company we know today as Ballard Power Systems Inc. emerged from that original focus on extending battery life, and today we all know...

Jul 2, 2009
The Weight: Olympics and YVR
Peter Kennedy

Next February’s Olympics is expected to put Vancouver International Airport’s baggage-handling process through the wringer. But after last December’s snowstorm debacle, many are wondering if YVR can handle the load. Some people might think I needed my head examined. But in January of 2008, I applied to work for Swissport Canada Handling Inc., a company that provides third-party baggage-handling services to WestJet and other airlines flying in and out of Vancouver International Airport.

Jun 26, 2009
The Construction Sector: What Goes Up...
Peter Mitham

Construction jobs may have swollen the province’s employment rolls when times were good, but when global financiers Lehman Brothers and others began collapsing last September, the shock waves shook the B.C. construction sector. The subprime mortgage crisis of 2007 had...

Jun 6, 2009
Catalyst Paper's Fight Over Taxes
Tony Wanless

Catalyst is going to court to formally petition for tax relief in the Vancouver Island communities of Campbell River, North Cowichan, and Port Alberni as well as in Powell river. Catalyst says it’s paying way more than its share in...

Mar 2, 2009
Hubs of Activity
Peter Mitham

EcoDensity, one of the most ambitious and controversial initiatives introduced by former Vancouver mayor Sam Sullivan, has brought the question of how many people can (and should) live and work in a square foot of space to the forefront of...

Mar 1, 2009
Crossing the Line
Myles Murchison

“It’s a labyrinth, a rabbit hole,” says John Wellwood, describing his efforts to illustrate the process of customs brokerage. Wellwood is designing a book about the import and export business called Business Without Borders: The Story of A&A Contract Customs...

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