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Oct 14, 2020
Winners and losers from B.C.’s political leaders debate
Nathan Caddell

The narrative coming into the first and only B.C. leaders debate before the October 26 October 24 provincial election was fairly clear. As with any campaign where one party is dominating early polls, the conventional wisdom was that BC Liberal...

Oct 8, 2020
Quarter of Greater Vancouver businesses don’t expect to survive the next 12 months: report
By the Editors

A survey released today by the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade in partnership with Mustel Group found that one in four businesses in B.C. don’t expect to survive more than 12 months. Also, only four in 10 expect to return to...

Oct 2, 2020
BCBusiness Report Card: Debate preparation and a good week for Vancouver tech
Nathan Caddell

The first U.S. presidential debate was a massive tire fire inside a dumpster fire inside a burning building. We’re not even trying to be funny; that’s really the most adequate description we can come up with. But it made us think...

Sep 30, 2020
Facebook advertising and policy Hail Marys: Two former political strategists analyze what a digital campaign means for B.C.
Nathan Caddell

B.C.’s upcoming provincial election promises to be like no other. For one, it’s going to be a pretty quick campaign, with just over a month from when Premier John Horgan called the contest (September 21) and when it’ll actually take...

Sep 15, 2020
11 B.C. beers win gold at 2020 Canadian Brewing Awards
By the Editors

While COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on this province’s restaurant industry, it hasn’t necessarily affected alcohol sales on the same level. And though things definitely aren’t “back to normal” for those in B.C.’s brewery business, many in that sector got some good...

Sep 12, 2020
BCBusiness Report Card: The NDP considers going full Thanos and the power of six
Nathan Caddell

As most everyone has noted, this year is basically like the dog-in-a-house-that’s-on-fire GIF. Except the problem is, that’s not fully representative of 2020. Sure, the fire could be COVID-19; that makes sense. But you’d also need something to represent the actual...

Aug 26, 2020
B.C. 2.0.: How 10 different industries are planning to bounce back from COVID-19
By the Editors

Months later, it’s still an eye-popping number. After B.C. went into lockdown to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, the province lost 400,000 jobs in March and April. Anyone else miss the good old days of the global financial crisis? Our job...

Aug 14, 2020
BCBusiness Report Card: 80 cases and heartbreak
Nathan Caddell

Well, our leaders have gone past the “being disappointed” stage when it comes to B.C. and COVID-19 cases. With the pandemic now hitting around 80 announced new cases per day, the province is dealing with a rather rude awakening. Of course, one...

Aug 8, 2020
BCBusiness Report Card: Aluminum shines, electoral turnout declines
Nathan Caddell

In March, if you were setting an over/under on how long it would take British Columbians to have reckless parties at which mass numbers of people contracted COVID at four-and-a-half months, we personally probably would have pounded the under. So...

Aug 6, 2020
Vancouver-based fashion entrepreneur wants to revolutionize activewear...again
Nathan Caddell

Steven Sal Debus has a long history of innovating in the Canadian fashion industry. In the mid-1990s, he took his Brock University business degree and launched Modrobes, the very Canadian, extremely popular pants, through a class project. That empire eventually...

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