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Dec 23, 2009
Video: Five Ads by Chris Staples
Adam Gaumont

For better viewing, click the "full screen" button at bottom right. If you own a TV and live in B.C., you're sure to have seen – and chuckled at – these commercials, as well as many other Staples-led TV, print, radio, and outdoor campaigns. Check out this video collage of five memorable TV ads from Chris Staples, visionary Vancouver ad man and founding partner of Rethink Communications.

Dec 7, 2009
Creative Campaign Testing on the Cheap
David Allison

Using social media to test the message for your marketing campaign In the old days, if you wanted to test the messages you were using for your marketing campaign, you could either hire a research company to conduct focus groups, or do small-scale micro-market rollouts to see what kind of response your campaign generated before you launched your campaign to your entire audience. We’ve recently started using a very inexpensive method that gives you some good directional feedback, for very little...

Dec 3, 2009
Slant Six Games Inc.
BCBusiness Online

Before the day’s work starts, teams hold “scrums,” where anyone can bring up ideas, roadblocks, inspiration or advice, which keeps staff informed about how their co-workers are doing. Number of Employees: 100 Head Office: Vancouver Quote: “When we’re not enjoying the perks, ‘work’ is making computer games. ’Nuff said”

Dec 3, 2009
Jessica Barrett

"There are no managerial types hovering over shoulders here, just clearly set goals for the day, week, month and quarter up on the walls for all to see." Number of employees: 36 Head office: Vancouver Quote: “I drive from White Rock to Gastown every day; I’ve been doing it for five years, and I would drive from Seattle if I had to”

Dec 2, 2009
Big Government Shift
Tony Wanless

Want a good model for harnessing social media? Try B.C.’s civil service Marketplace and business imperatives mean employees today must be more entrepreneurial and more involved than they were a decade ago. Demographic trends mean large segments of the workforce will soon be retiring, and a lot of organizations are struggling to find ways of better engaging their workers.

Dec 2, 2009
Strangeloop Networks
Marlene MacIsaac

For repeat champion Strangeloop, it's all about homeyness, free breakfast, and ping-pong in the boardroom. Number of employees: 35 Head office: Vancouver Quote: “We’re working on truly innovative projects that are fun and challenging. We really have a chance to blaze new trails”

Dec 2, 2009
Career Shift: Take This Sausage
Claude Adams

How an out-of-work Surrey 
butcher found a surprising career shift on eBay. When his most affluent customers began buying ground pork instead of porterhouse steaks in 2007, Mike Winkelmann of Surrey knew his days as a high-end butcher were numbered. But what to do? He and his wife Joanne had everything invested in their high-end business, their bank account was empty, they couldn’t make the rent on the shop and they had two young daughters to feed.

Dec 2, 2009
Social Media: No "A" for Effort
David Allison

If you can’t bring yourself to radiate honest enjoyment at being engaged with other human beings, maybe you’re not the right person in your organization to be heading up the social media chitchat. At a party the other evening, a very...

Nov 25, 2009
Branding Is Art
David Allison

Two companies can both hit all the right notes. They have great products, stores, and customer service. But one company has an edge: soul. While I am not in the same league (I’m not even in the same game) as a...

Nov 24, 2009
Social Media How To No. 1: Making Camp
Tommy Humphreys

Social media provide a powerful new way to meet people, start conversations, and do business – if you know what you're doing. The first step? Pitch your tent. Think of your blog as your campsite – the first thing you set up when your plan is to conquer the vast and unforgiving wilderness of the Web. Stake out your territory and pitch your tent as soon as possible. The point is to own that space and keep it vibrant. After your...

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