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May 1, 2006
John Sheridan, CEO of Ballard Power Systems

John Sheridan clearly isn’t giving himself much of a honeymoon period as the newly minted CEO of Ballard Power Systems. The former president of Bell Canada and Ballard’s acting CEO since October is hours away from hopping on a plane...

Apr 1, 2006
Robert Fung: King of Gastown

Robert Fung stands in a dirty, graffiti-streaked Gastown alleyway, facing a pile of old bricks and rubble. A collection of hard-hatted workmen labour noisily with shovels, crowbars and hammers amid the ruins. Frankly, it looks a mess. But Fung doesn’t see the chaos reigning king, he sees the reinvigoration of Gastown.

Apr 1, 2006
Larry Beasley

Once you learn that Larry Beasley grew up in Las Vegas, his effusiveness and flashy fashion sense – on a casual Friday he’s decked out to the nines, with cufflinks and a maroon kerchief stuffed just-so in the breast pocket of his black suit – makes sense.

Mar 1, 2006
Pat Lloyd: Former Senior VP of HR and Government Affairs for Terasen Gas

When Terasen was sold for $6.9 billion to U.S. pipeline giant Kinder Morgan in November, Pat Lloyd, former senior VP of HR and government affairs for Terasen Gas, began writing up purchasing agreements, termination contracts and preparing employees for the shock of unemployment.

Mar 1, 2006
Hugh Stansfield, B.C.'s Chief Judge

With his piercing blue eyes, casual smile and closely cropped salt-and-pepper hair, Hugh Stansfield looks made for television; indeed, he’s made a couple of well-received guest appearances on Global’s morning newscast. It’s not exactly what you’d expect from B.C.’s chief judge. But then Stansfield, who was appointed to the post last July, isn’t really interested in upholding traditions.

Feb 1, 2006
Executive Search Dating: Love for Sale

In a discreet, unmarked office in downtown Vancouver, a man is photographed, his driver’s licence photocopied and personal references taken. He is asked to complete numerous forms, including a Myers-Briggs personality test, and his vital statistics are entered into a...

Oct 1, 2005
Entrepreneur of the Year 2005 - B2C Products and Services

The first thing you notice when you enter the Victoria offices of online book brokers Abebooks is that someone has spent a lot of time with the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations. Everywhere you turn, you’re confronted by quotes from such...

Jul 1, 2005
Korean Immigration and Cultural Differences: Seoul in the City

Skipping class. Talking back to your mother. Ignoring your curfew. Just the kind of behaviour you would expect from a typical Canadian teenager. But for one 16-year-old North Vancouver boy, the punishment for these transgressions is anything but typical. In...

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