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Jan 1, 2007
Arthur Griffiths

This time around, though, it’s not a radio-and-television empire like the one his father built that Griffiths is aiming for, but an Internet portal that he believes is a pioneer in the coming age of online broadcasting. Remember the Hornby Island eagle cam that attracted upwards of three million viewers a...

Dec 1, 2006
Lukas Lundin

Fresh from a Toronto dinner with Bill Clinton, where he reportedly donated a cool $10 million to the former president’s crusade against AIDS and poverty, Swedish mining magnate Lukas Lundin recently touched down at his Vancouver office.

Dec 1, 2006
Destiny Media: A Penny for your Stocks?

Entering the downtown head office of Destiny Media Technologies, it’s immediately obvious that the company has seen better times. The expansive lobby screams opulence, with its slate-tile floor, its floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking West Hastings Street 10 floors below, and the massive boardroom table visible through an aqua-tinted glass wall.

Oct 2, 2006
Judy Rogers: City of Vancouver Multitasker

When Police Chief Jamie Graham left a bullet-riddled shooting target on city manager Judy Rogers’s desk last July, she was concerned enough to take the issue to the mayor’s office, sparking a police board investigation. The board concluded the gesture...

Sep 2, 2006
David Black: Press Baron

David Black doesn’t fit the mould of the typical press baron. No knighthoods, no mansions in Florida, no London office towers. The soft-spoken UBC grad operates out of an office in Victoria, where he and his family have lived since moving from Williams Lake in 1985.

Sep 2, 2006
Bob Elton: President and CEO, BC Hydro

BC Hydro has taken a lot of flak in recent years for failing to move quickly enough in a rapidly shifting energy market increasingly shaped by deregulation and privatization. No new major electricity generation projects have come online in B.C.

Aug 2, 2006
Jim Snetsinger: B.C.'s Chief Forester

Typically, the job is pretty, well, cut and dried. A team of scientists feed forestry data into computers; the computers generate projections decades into the future, and the chief forester signs off on a harvesting schedule that satisfies industry’s demand...

Aug 2, 2006
Michael Abrams

It’s 9:30 on a Monday morning in May. The previous Wednesday, Michael Abrams suddenly resigned as president and CEO of AnorMed Inc., after failing to ward off a U.S. hedge fund’s proxy battle to replace the company’s board of directors. Today, he is relaxing on the back porch of his family cottage on Lummi Island.

Jul 1, 2006
Aspreva Pharmaceuticals: Biotech Breakthrough

The Dark Horse of the Year award goes to Aspreva Pharmaceuticals. This young biotech broke through the gate to not only crack the Top 100 public companies list just four years after its inception, but also claim bragging rights as the only biotech in B.C. to record a profit in 2005.

Jul 1, 2006
Malcolm Brodie: Chair of Translink

As chair of TransLink’s board of directors, Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie is the point man for the outfit everyone loves to hate. Never far from public outcry (think parking tax or Air Care), TransLink now faces a defining moment as...

Jun 11, 2006
Stephen Toope, President of UBC

Toope would seem to be tailor-made to fill the sizeable legacy left by Piper. During her 12-year tenure, Piper oversaw the development of UBC’s “Trek 2010” vision, pledging to prepare students to become “exceptional global citizens.” For the past four...

Jun 2, 2006
David Strangway: Top Class

David Strangway asks his driver to pull over in the middle of a new bridge spanning Mashiter Creek high above Squamish. The $3.25-million structure isn’t that impressive, until you look over the edge at the rushing waters 30 metres below.

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