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Sep 10, 2021
In a world facing several crises, the question of purpose has never been more important for corporate directors

A crisis has a way of pushing certain issues—stuck in the footnotes of an annual report—into the Letter From the CEO. Such was 2020, our annus horribilis. In addition to managing the fallout of an epochal pandemic, organizations everywhere had...

Aug 31, 2021
It’s a Good Thing: How one Vancouver restaurateur is fighting back against the food delivery giants

In the restaurant business, fortunes can turn on a dime—as Brandon Grossutti, owner of Gastown’s Asian-fusion eatery Pidgin, knows all too well. “I feel like we’re just getting started,” Grossutti told Scout Magazine in a February 25, 2020, profile. “I think...

Jun 8, 2021
It's a Good Thing: To recover from COVID-19, Indigenous tourism will draw on its culture of resilience

Tourism is often described in terms similar to manufacturing or mining, with industry reports tallying the number of operators, employees or customers (the tourists). But for Brenda Baptiste, chair of Indigenous Tourism BC (ITBC), the sector can also be seen...

May 7, 2021
It’s a Good Thing: Mental health is a growing concern for B.C. businesses, especially those that employ mostly men

The secret that Gord Menelaws had kept hidden, well into his late 40s, wasn’t really a secret to those who knew him best. His wife had warned him he had a problem, as had some friends and coworkers at mining...

Mar 19, 2021
It’s a Good Thing: Homegrown carbon capture technology is back in the spotlight

As Joe Biden took office on January 20, many hoped that Inauguration Day represented a pivot point for the U.S.—and, indeed, the world—when it comes to climate change. Biden was VP in the Obama administration, which was a key signatory to the 2016 Paris Climate Agreement and committed to domestic...

Jan 22, 2021
It’s a Good Thing: A growing legion of “upcyclers” is turning trash into treasure

Recycling, as an exercise in sustainability, has always been fraught. It’s been almost 40 years since the introduction of Canada’s first municipal recycling program, and yet much of what is produced as packaging, consumer or industrial goods still doesn’t get...

Nov 27, 2020
Making It Work: It's time to rethink our relationship with our devices

One of the great things about being an entrepreneur is that you don’t have to follow somebody else’s game plan for business success. You can go out and build an enterprise that addresses a meaningful market need, yes—but also one...

Nov 26, 2020
It’s a Good Thing: Vancouver nonprofit aims to alleviate seniors’ technological isolation

Living in the Age of COVID has taught us different lessons. For some, it’s been a lesson in how to rethink the way we work; for others, it’s about learning to live in a world of heightened biosecurity. But surely...

Sep 1, 2020
It's a Good Thing: Autism creates some challenges for employment, but also some opportunities

Awareness about autism—and the range of conditions that fall under its umbrella—is a relatively recent thing. The word first appeared in 1938, when Austrian pediatrician Hans Asperger used it to describe a pattern of developmental behaviour in children—posthumously referred to...

Aug 4, 2020
How are B.C. airports and airlines preparing for a post-COVID future?

When Geoff Dickson entered the aviation world 35 years ago, it was, he recalls, “quite a challenging time.” The federal government had just launched airline deregulation, and Dickson—hired as a financial analyst for Pacific Western Airlines—was helping the company shift...

Jul 21, 2020
It's a Good Thing: Can the B.C. forestry industry find its footing through technology?

This article was originally published in our April issue, and written before the COVID-19 pandemic came to Canada. Sometimes when you’re looking for the root of a problem, the culprit is clear. With B.C.’s forestry sector, rotten roots could be seen...

Jul 7, 2020
It's a Good Thing: The cemetery industry sees a major plot twist

Growing up in West Van, a teenaged Erik Lees pined for only one thing: “It was the late 1960s, man. I just wanted to go back to the land—to check out of the city.” He soon achieved that dream, moving...

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