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Nov 29, 2022
It's a Good Thing: This new MBA program at UVic puts Indigenous reconciliation first

In boardrooms across Canada, in any given moment there’s a discussion ongoing about this organization’s commitment to Indigenous communities or that company’s action plan for reconciliation. A lot of the initial interest—before Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission—was spurred by the...

Oct 11, 2022
It's a Good Thing: YWCA Metro Vancouver is widening its doors to the plight of newcomers

The global reality of the Russian invasion of Ukraine is being felt in a tangible way by at least one local organization. “In our office this week, we welcomed our first group of Ukrainian mothers, who need everything from the...

Aug 5, 2022
Delphi Group leads the charge in the fight for ESG—in an increasingly hostile business environment

When news broke on February 15 that B.C. would be lifting most of its COVID-19 restrictions, including allowing indoor events to return to full capacity, few were as excited as the organizers behind the GLOBE Forum. After a two-year absence...

Jun 21, 2022
It's a Good Thing: Okanagan Spirits distills the spirit of social responsibility

In the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a lot of B.C. businesses were looking for ways to help out—and the province’s original craft distillery, Okanagan Spirits, was no different. Early on, the distillery announced that for the month of...

Mar 23, 2022
It’s a Good Thing: District energy gains new converts in our warming world

Cities represent something of a climate paradox. On the one hand, they’re the answer to global warming: more efficient land use (think up, not out) means fewer people commuting, and more land for the farms and forests that sustain us. On...

Jan 24, 2022
It’s a Good Thing: How a Vancouver-based foundation is providing opportunities for at-risk youth

Few sectors have felt the impact of COVID-19 as acutely as the performing arts. For 2020 and much of 2021, staying apart was our main social focus; packing a concert hall to sing, cheer, or even lob a “bravo” at...

Dec 28, 2021
It’s a Good Thing: Institutional investors—including B.C. players—put sustainability at the fore of financial decision-making

Going into the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow this November (also known as COP 26), there were high expectations about what the world’s leading economies could accomplish. First and foremost, countries were asked to come prepared with “ambitious 2030...

Dec 3, 2021
The corporate travel sector is ready to fly. Is it time?

Corporate travel is a bit like a weathervane—constantly being buffeted by a series of economic, environmental or technological storms. To work in this business, you have to be prepared for sudden shifts in market conditions and adjust your strategies accordingly. Grant...

Oct 4, 2021
It’s a Good Thing: Pioneering B.C. naval architecture firm floats greener tugboats

As the Canadian economy sprang back to life in 2021, attention turned to what’s been happening off our coasts. After all, roughly 25 percent of Canadian exports and imports, by value, are transported by some mode of marine vessel; around...

Sep 10, 2021
In a world facing several crises, the question of purpose has never been more important for corporate directors

A crisis has a way of pushing certain issues—stuck in the footnotes of an annual report—into the Letter From the CEO. Such was 2020, our annus horribilis. In addition to managing the fallout of an epochal pandemic, organizations everywhere had...

Aug 31, 2021
It’s a Good Thing: How one Vancouver restaurateur is fighting back against the food delivery giants

In the restaurant business, fortunes can turn on a dime—as Brandon Grossutti, owner of Gastown’s Asian-fusion eatery Pidgin, knows all too well. “I feel like we’re just getting started,” Grossutti told Scout Magazine in a February 25, 2020, profile. “I think...

Jun 8, 2021
It's a Good Thing: To recover from COVID-19, Indigenous tourism will draw on its culture of resilience

Tourism is often described in terms similar to manufacturing or mining, with industry reports tallying the number of operators, employees or customers (the tourists). But for Brenda Baptiste, chair of Indigenous Tourism BC (ITBC), the sector can also be seen...

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