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Aug 2, 2006
Hungry Predator Funds are Sizing up B.C.

Once upon a time, the standard business process was to build a private business and when it reached a certain size, take it public on the stock market. If you performed well, your company thrived. Now hungry predator funds are sizing up B.C. businesses.

Jul 2, 2006
Top 100 CEOs: Executive Hot Seat

Captaining the companies that grind up ordinary CEOs is hell. So why would anybody take on these gigs? They promise failure more often than triumph and every move is second-guessed by an army of armchair quarterbacks. Simple: tough CEO jobs offer irresistible ¬challenges to those leaders who perform best under...

Jul 2, 2006
Environmentalism: From Dispute to Dialogue

A 2004 essay titled "The Death of Environmentalism" has shifted the rhetoric between activists, industry and government, from dispute to dialogue. Problem: Opposing views become entrenched, resulting in a decades-long stalemate Solution: Break out of your rut to redefine the terms of the debate

Jun 26, 2006
B.C. Forestry: The Battle Against a Billion Beetles

Problem: The decimation of B.C.’s $19-billion forest industry by the mountain pine beetle. Solution: A three-pronged approach that tries to help the trees, the lumber and the communities at stake. In a world trained by half-hour television drama solutions and B-school case...

Jun 2, 2006
Business Planning: Chart a Back-up Course or Risk Going Under

Problem: Operating a business too close to the edge without a safety netSolution: Start planning early, consider every potential scenario and come up with a Plan B, C and D When launching any new venture, the first thing to do is to...

Jan 1, 2006
Housing Bubble Trouble

Now that real estate prices are climbing by double-digit percentages again, talk on the street is all about bubbles—not only in housing, but also in gold, income trusts and the dollar. Should we be worried? Now that real estate prices are...

Dec 1, 2005
How to Provide the Right Tools

If you’re Joe Fortes Seafood and Chop House the secret sauce that keeps Joe Fortes on the top rung of city eateries is the ability of its staff to provide all the welcoming, schmoozing and pampering that you pay for...

Dec 1, 2005
How to Create Employee Evangelists

It’s 10:55 in the morning and most of the head office employees of 1-800-GOT-JUNK have gathered in the ‘Junktion’ – the company’s headquarters near Granville Island – for what amounts to a revival meeting. There’s almost a cult-like fervour in...

Aug 1, 2005
Brasserie Branding: A Tired Eatery Tarts Up

Change is a business battle cry today, and there isn’t a manager alive who isn’t buffeted by the constant baying for transformation. This is especially true in B.C., where our frontier mentality constantly demands the destruction of the old to...

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