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Jul 23, 2012
A Plea to Halt Canada's Digital Wars

Our last post about problems in the creative community, specifically the digital games sector, has generated an outburst of anger in Vancouver. The issue was sparked by the recent closure of long-time gaming house Radical Entertainment. This was preceded by the move by Rockstar Games to Toronto. And since then, another gaming...

Jul 17, 2012
Saving B.C.'s Digital Gaming Industry

The B.C. digital gaming industry has been hijacked by Central Canada money and left gasping for breath in Vancouver. An industry veteran is trying to fight back through politics. The recent closure of Vancouver gaming icon Radical Entertainment has spurred some radical action of its own. Matt Toner, a well-known developer, teacher and advocate in the city’s once-booming digital games industry, has thrown himself into politics in an attempt to stop the downward slide in the industry.

Jul 13, 2012
Real Estate Mania Is Ending

History shows that Vancouver has always been a real estate boom-and-bust city. Now that the most recent mania appears to be over, with sales falling and prices threatening to follow, there's no reason to think that's going to change. Look for a long quiet period. Fear and worry are rampant in Vancouver these days: the mighty real estate market is struggling. Whether it is in a tailspin or due for a monstrous crash is the subject of endless dinner conversations, office...

Jul 10, 2012
The Best Sectors to Run a Business

Despite prevalent thinking, the Canadian and American economies are vastly different, which means business planners and operators have to deal with a completely different set of plans and expectations. Recently, Vikash Jain, vice-president at archerETF Portfolio Management in Oakville, Ontario, provided an interesting breakdown of the Canadian economy. Jain’s analysis was aimed at investors, but could just as easily provide a glimpse into business opportunities for Canadian entrepreneurs.

Jul 5, 2012
RIM Not Dead Yet

RIM might be able to save itself by pivoting to a new business model. But first it has to decide what its business really is. Like many people (okay, a few — it was a holiday), I spent the weekend pondering the future of Canada’s Research in Motion, or RIM, maker of that once-ubiquitous Canadian icon, the BlackBerry smartphone. The embattled company had once again delivered some bad news to the market, and its stock fell once again to a range...

Jul 4, 2012
Landlord Vancouver

The city of Vancouver's new housing affordability plan promises to greatly increase the pool of rental homes. It's about time we did something to deal with an approaching housing crisis. Vancouver’s new housing affordability plan has some interesting – and to many, very radical – ideas that may seem way out there among adamant free-enterprisers, who seem to make up the majority of developers and homeowners in this city.  

Jul 3, 2012
Corvus: The Successful Value Proposition

How to find the sweet spot where buyers and sellers see value. To sell its products or services, every business needs a strong value proposition. But this becomes difficult when a company has a complex product. There will be a mismatch between how the producer and the buyer see value. Understanding can’t be forced, so the only solution is to make a complex product easy to understand and use, as Brent Perry did with Corvus boat batteries. The Problem...

Jun 26, 2012
The Natural Gas Gold Rush

Just as B.C. is planning expensive liquefied natural gas terminals supplied by massive shale-gas finds in the north, it looks like the industry could be headed for a bust. There may be a severe downside to B.C.’s highly hyped natural gas resource that could result in a catastrophic market bust.

Jun 20, 2012
How to Kill Ideas

We've all run into them. Maybe we've even worked for them. Sometimes they're overt, and other times, they're more covert and afraid. But the result is the same. Idea killers are scared to death of new ideas. The idea killers, they’re everywhere. Brainstorming sessions are sabotaged as soon as the idea killer opens his mouth; enthusiastic idea-generators are continually squelched before they can even get going; and managers who don’t ever want to hear of doing something differently stop ideas dead...

Jun 15, 2012
Creating Respect for Creatives

The City of Vancouver's recent gift to the city's artistic community of 26,000 square feet of studio space may be the beginning of a new attitude toward the city's creative cluster. At least, I hope so. Recently, I took in the Creative Mornings monthly gathering of those who are interested in the intersection of technology and art. The subject was web typefaces and the people who make them.

Jun 14, 2012
Adapting to Climate Change

A new report highlights the enormous costs that climate change will bring to Canada, and suggests that we better take action now if we want to mitigate them by the middle of the century. The Climate Change Adaptation Project report, issued by the University of Waterloo, is blessedly free of the “Yes, it is,” “No, it isn’t,” “Whose fault is it?” battles that are the daily fodder of newspapers, blogs and radio call-in shows.

Jun 8, 2012
How to Get Crazy Creative

A new creative method may be just what you need to get your business back on track. Is your business floundering? Operations running on remote control? Business processes nothing more than a lifeless series of checklists? Marketing just picking something familiar from a smorgasbord of overly familiar choices? Welcome to the modern world, where despite all the talk of innovation, many businesses are caught up in change and haven’t a clue as to what to do about it.  ...

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