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Jul 3, 2012
Striking China Gold

Chinese investors and entrepreneurs have long considered B.C. a favourite destination, with waves of capital lapping Canada’s Pacific Coast since the late 1800s. Today, with B.C. keen to develop overseas markets for its resources, and China eager to secure raw...

Jul 3, 2012
Top 100 Lists: Accounting for Change

New reporting standards shake up this year’s Top 100 lists. (Return to B.C.'s Top 100 of 2012.) You may not have noticed it, but reporting requirements for public companies underwent a seismic shift last year. The impact is silently, but visibly, shaking up the numbers on this year’s Top 100 lists.

Jul 3, 2012
B.C. Industries' Mixed Fortunes

Exports buoy resource sectors, while retail awaits signs of recovery.(Return to B.C.'s Top 100 of 2012.) Predominantly through accidents of geography and settlement patterns, B.C. has always found itself at the end of one thing and the start of another. The westernmost province in Canada is a gateway for trade with the Pacific Rim, and with its calling card once again presented to the world during the 2010 Winter Olympics, many wondered what 2011 would bring.

Jul 3, 2012
Where Are B.C.'s Jobs?

By most accounts, B.C has a right to feel smug. The province is sitting pretty in the middle of what former premier Gordon Campbell, basking in the glow of his party’s victory in the 2009 provincial election, heralded as a...

May 7, 2012
The New North Vancouver

North Vancouver reinvents itself with a plan that calls for higher density, more jobs and a promise not to compromise neighbourhood character. Seen across Burrard Inlet from downtown Vancouver, the three North Shore municipalities look idyllic. West Vancouver climbs the slopes of Cypress Mountain, while the two North Vancouvers – distinct legal entities, one the city and the other the district that surrounds it – serve as an alpine suburb for a middle-class mix that offers a microcosm of Metro Vancouver.

Mar 5, 2012
Man of the Rock: Mark O'Dea

Mark O’Dea, who sold his last company for $2.3 billion, 
is as much financial 
guru as rockhound. Mark O’Dea’s answers are clear-cut but thoughtful as he considers the current state of the mining industry. Known for a financial acumen that garnered $370 million in equity capital for Fronteer Gold Inc. prior to its sale to Newmont Mining Corp. last year, O’Dea looks at markets with the same eye he does when sizing up rock formations. He sees the big picture without...

Feb 6, 2012
Behind the Scenes of a Business Franchise

Franchising is a path to fast growth 
for owners, and an immediate support system 
for entrepreneurs, but there’s no such 
thing as instant success. Jim Bodden had more than 15 years of painting experience behind him when, in 2006, he wondered if there wasn’t a better way to grow his business than just finding new jobs. The renovation market was booming – British Columbians spend more than $7 billion annually on home improvements – and Bodden wanted a bigger slice of...

Jan 3, 2012
Greater Vancouverism: Developing the City's Suburbs

The Vancouverism planning model may have revitalized the city's urban core, but now Vancouver’s
 suburbs are striving for their own 
take on livability
. Anyone who thinks urban sprawl is unique to modern cities would do well to consult a 1928 literary classic, in which one character laments, “Everybody crowds round so in this forest. There’s no space. I never saw a more spreading lot of animals in my life, and in all the wrong places.” The author is A.A. Milne; the...

Nov 7, 2011
Junior Achievement Club Is in the Business of Leadership

Are great business people born or made? It’s a moot point, as alumni of Junior Achievement of British Columbia are proving daily. While even mediocre managers are improved, born leaders benefit greatly from opportunities and guidance gained early in life. Science clubs used to be the epitome of geekdom – until a few alumni code-writers went on to found billion-dollar companies. Business clubs, on the other hand, remain the Rodney Dangerfield of high school: they get no respect.

Nov 7, 2011
Pursuing the Group Leadership Model

Control – how to get it, when to let it go – dictates your business win-loss record. Steering a business from startup to stability, through the ups and downs of market cycles and changes in ownership are challenges entrepreneurs face throughout their life. But many small-business leaders are putting lie to the old adage about it being lonely at the top and instead are finding strength in numbers.

Oct 6, 2011
2011 Mining and Metals EOY: Keith Neumeyer

Congratulations to Keith Neumeyer
, president and CEO of First Majestic Silver Corp., the 2011 Pacific Region Entrepreneur of the Year in Mining and Metals. Growing up in North Vancouver, Keith Neumeyer would walk from his home on Third Street after school, cross the tracks to the docks on Burrard Inlet, and watch the ships come in and the trains roll by.

Oct 6, 2011
2011 B2B EOY: Darby Kreitz

It would be easy to pass Darby Kreitz on Burrard Street, near his firm’s Vancouver offices, and not realize he heads a successful engineering services firm. He’s just as happy camping and quadding with his wife and three kids, or...

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