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Oct 6, 2011
Investing in B.C.'s Legal Education

“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” Shakespeare’s oft-quoted line from Henry VI may draw laughs from those who feel lawyers provide more interference than structure to society, but it’s no laughing matter in B.C. The law...

Oct 6, 2011
Robin Silvester, Port Metro Vancouver

Vancouver port president and CEO Robin Silvester comes to the West Coast from England, via Australia, to oversee a generational change.
 As an engineering student at Cambridge University, Robin Silvester studied jet engine design and aerodynamics. It may seem a world apart from his current work as president and CEO of Port Metro Vancouver – at least until you realize that 
Silvester’s role is to give wings to the ambitions of the continent’s fourth-largest port.

Sep 5, 2011
The Protector: Robert Burns

When rioting erupted in downtown Vancouver at the conclusion of this year’s Stanley Cup finals, Canpro King-Reed LP swung into action. Clients leaving Rogers Arena were smoothly evacuated from what was becoming a battleground, unaware of what was unfolding on...

Sep 5, 2011
Reborn: Vancouver's Mountain View Cemetery

Vancouver's Mountain View Cemetery opens up sales 
for the first time since Expo 86. Cemeteries will always see strong demand, the saying goes, because people are dying to go there. But that’s especially true in Vancouver, where city-owned Mountain View Cemetery is once again selling casket graves after a 25-year hiatus.

Jul 1, 2011
Sun Sets on B.C. Income Funds

Jan. 1, 2011, was the deadline set by the federal government for income funds to convert into regular companies. This year’s list of the top 100 companies bears testimony to the changes, with veteran funds such as Swiss Water Decaffeinated...

Jul 1, 2011
Renewed Growth in B.C. Forestry in 2011

After tough times in recent years, many companies in the B.C. forestry industry are boosting revenues and making a comeback. (Return to B.C.'s Top 100 of 2011.) Commodities enjoyed good times in 2010, with several new mining companies joining our Top 100 list or climbing in the standings. But if there is one sector in B.C. that deserves recognition for its performance last year, it’s forestry.

Jul 1, 2011
The Business of B.C. Crown Corporations

B.C.’s love-hate affair with Crown corporations doesn’t negate the importance of these entities to the province’s economic life. Many of them rank among the province’s biggest companies, generating profits that feed government coffers – the same government that, under former...

Jul 1, 2011
Gains in 2011 in B.C.'s Top 100

Asian demand drives 
healthy gains among 
B.C.’s top companies. (Return to B.C.'s Top 100 of 2011.) 
Real estate rebounded, commodities climbed to new heights and B.C.’s biggest companies held their own in 2010, even as a capricious loonie made local products a hard sell.

May 2, 2011
Calculating Disaster Insurance in B.C.

Who determines how much you should 
pay for disaster insurance in B.C.? Cascadia – the region defined by a seismic fault line running north from California to Vancouver Island – is no stranger to the sort of catastrophic earthquakes that have rocked the Pacific Rim in the past year. Part of the so-called Ring of Fire, the world’s most active seismic zone, Cascadia experienced a major earthquake, on the scale of what shook Japan this spring, in 1700.

Apr 4, 2011
The Non-Corporate MBA Vision

Not every MBA student longs for the financial district. Crusaders for a better world 
need business smarts too. MBA training does more than hone the skills of the corporate warrior. Courses in management also equip students to pursue social justice and economic development in areas far from downtown boardrooms.

Apr 4, 2011
Social Media and Your MBA

Social media are challenging MBA students to express themselves – and listen to others – in fresh ways in order to navigate the sometimes hostile waters of public opinion.
 Paul Cubbon, a marketing instructor at the UBC Sauder School of Business...

Feb 7, 2011
The Working Rich: Blue-Collar Millionaires

For blue-collar millionaires, investing doesn’t mean sitting back and watching stock charts; it’s hard work, and it pays off. It’s a classic of tabloid journalism: the nondescript neighbour who leads a frugal and reclusive life only to leave an estate worth millions. But all around us are ­hard-working entrepreneurs whose unassuming ways veil a wealth far beyond what the average worker could ever aspire to.

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