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Oct 10, 2007
B2C Products and Services Winner 2007

The Jamals have learned to value community, both as a family of entrepreneurs and as operators of more than 2,300 units of seniors' housing at 16 residences across Canada. Ten years ago, Vancouver-based Retirement Concepts Seniors Services Ltd. - then...

Oct 10, 2007
B2B Products and Services Winner 2007

Old World business smarts and a low profile in the New World have been a profitable mix for Arjang Nowtash, the soft-spoken president of North Vancouver's Sinclair Dental Co. Ltd. Growing up in Tehran, Nowtash was surrounded by the dental...

Sep 20, 2007
Vancouver Convention Centre: Conventional Wisdom

Comments in a study of off-site venues produced by Tourism Vancouver this past February were clear. The city’s lack of off-site venues was described variously as falling short of world-class status, “lacking in quantity, quality and diversity for groups over...

Sep 1, 2007
Banking in Canada: Personal Interest

The legislation governing bank in Canada changed in 2001 to allow more competition in the sector, ushering in a host of smaller players and prompting the country’s major financial institutions to become more savvy about their customer's personal interests.

Jul 2, 2007
B.C.'s Mineral Explosion

When the Gibraltar mine shut down in 1998, putting 270 people in the Cariboo out of work, it marked a turning point of sorts for the B.C. mining industry. The government had refused operator Boliden Ltd. a $20-million bailout, and...

Jul 2, 2007
B.C.'s Top 100 in 2007: Economic Growth in B.C.

Patricia Croft, chief economist for Vancouver-based Phillips, Hager & North Investment Management Ltd., has just returned to Toronto. She’s seen once again for herself the visible proof of what the statistics say is true, and she isn’t mincing words: it’s boom times on the West Coast.

Nov 2, 2006
Victoria Tourism: No Tea Party

When the organizer of a major U.S. medical convention visited Victoria in February, the blooming crocuses and other signs of spring that characterize the city in the imaginations of winter-gripped Eastern Canadians were hardly in evidence. Instead, panhandlers and low-end...

Oct 3, 2006
Taste for success: Jeffrey Fuller

As one of the winners of Ernst & Young’s ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR PACIFIC REGION program, Jeffrey Fuller submitted himself to intense scrutiny by a top accounting firm and hard-nosed panel of judges, and came out on top. He was deemed a winner in the category of Hospitality and Tourism. Jeffrey Fuller is the President of Joeys Restaurants.

Sep 1, 2006
B.C. Corporate Tours: Big Incentive

With its skiing in the morning and golfing in the afternoon, B.C. has lots of big incentives for corporate tour groups. But is the industry willing to ante up the marketing dollars needed to capture a piece of the growing international incentive-travel market?

Jul 1, 2006
Sylvain Allard: Vertical Takeoff

Shortly after Carl Agar and partners Barney Bent and Alf Stringer bought a helicopter for a planned orchard-spraying business in July 1947, Agar flew the chopper into a power line. A rocky start, indeed, but the abrupt halt to its...

Jul 1, 2006
Edmund Ho: Ringing up Revenues

VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol, for the uninitiated – isn’t a household term yet, but developing gadgets that will help it become one has propelled a Richmond company to its first showing on BCBusiness’s Top 100 public companies list...

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