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Jul 2, 2013
Ecotourism Takes Swat at Grizzly Hunting

The battle between those who view grizzlies through the crosshairs of a rifle and others who view them through cameras shows no sign of abating. Almost a decade ago, Great Bear Rainforest activist Ian McAllister, as co-founder of the Raincoast Conservation Society, was instrumental in devising a strategy to beat...

Apr 2, 2013
Certifying B.C.'s Forests for Carbon Credits

The Great Bear Rainforest is a powerful brand, the setting of gruelling conservation battless and now recognized around the world as an almost mythical place of misty fjords, snow-topped mountains and islands roamed by wolves and Kermode bears. Now Coastal First Nations hope to leverage this brand to sell carbon...

Feb 4, 2013
Paying for Public School

The windows of West Vancouver Secondary School’s library overlook sun-dappled Burrard Inlet. A slogan on the wall reads, “Laughter Translates Into Any Language.” As if on cue, the students streaming the halls of this school in one of Vancouver’s toniest neighbourhoods laugh in many languages. It’s a mosaic of Germans...

Sep 4, 2012
Value-Added Mills: A Solution for B.C.'s Lumber Industry

Giant metal teeth grasp a raw log with a cacophonous clank of steel, before directing it through a computerized laser scanner that will instantly determine the most efficient way to extract the most fibre. Then the intense, ear-splitting whine of...

Aug 6, 2012
Haida Nation: From Blockades to Enterprise

Many less-advantaged bands and nations struggle economically against remoteness, lack of market access and very little in the way of business profile and experience. However, these barriers are appearing less daunting than they once were. Take the resilient Haida as...

Aug 6, 2012
The New Face of Aboriginal Business in B.C.

Last February, delegates streamed into the sprawling Prince George Civic Centre for Aboriginal Business Match 2012. Instead of the routine economic development conference where participants nod off during a keynote speech before decamping for a wine and cheese social, it...

May 7, 2012
Taking Over Tourism BC

The once vaunted Super, Natural BC brand is in need of a little polish these days. Nearly three years after Premier Gordon Campbell’s Liberals brought the arm’s length Crown corporation, Tourism BC, under direct government control, government is still working...

Jan 3, 2012
B.C. Roasteries from Bean to Brew

Why are British Columbians 
so obsessed with their fair trade, organic and ethical cuppa joe?
 Leo Johnson, co-founder of Kicking Horse Coffee Co. Ltd., remembers pondering an entrepreneurial hunch in the mid-1990s when he and his wife Elana Rosenfeld considered carving out a place on grocery store shelves for specialty coffee alongside the MJBs and Maxwell Houses of the world. That’s when organic food was relegated to an obscure supermarket ghetto and fair trade was barely a blip on the public...

Oct 6, 2011
A Boom in B.C. Mineral Exploration

As copper demand soars, it’s boom time in small resource towns throughout the province hit hard by the one-two punch of the pine beetle and the U.S. housing crisis. Will the boom and bust cycle be different this time around?

Aug 1, 2011
Soil and Trouble: Vancouver Island Agriculture

A half-dozen workers with tanned faces and callused hands sort beets, carrots and basketball-sized lettuce heads on a June morning on Vancouver Island’s Saanich Peninsula. It’s Monday, distribution day for Saanich Organics, a cooperative formed by three independent farmers to...

May 2, 2011
Vancouver Leadership Training Gets Creative (and Weird)

As organizations get flat and 
information goes viral, the era 
of command-and-control leadership is officially over. Every worker 
needs to be empowered to take 
the reins – but are local companies prepared to make that happen?

Jan 4, 2011
Trevor Linden's Second Act

Trevor Linden stares into a freshly excavated hole filled with brown slurry on the corner of Herald and Government in Victoria’s Chinatown, a quizzical look on his face. Now a scrum of construction workers, foremen and architects gathers around the...

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