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Andrew Findlay

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Jul 7, 2010
Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

It’s been a dreadful few years for the 
venture capital field, a situation made markedly worse by the recession and a growing aversion to risk. Can things be turned around? Or is a new funding model in order for B.C.’s startups?

Mar 3, 2010
The Nisga'a's Private Struggle

Last October members of the Nisga’a Lisims government gathered at the village of New Aiyansh (population: 1,800) in the chambers of their civic headquarters, an impressive post-and-beam structure with large windows overlooking the Nass River Valley that would put most...

Dec 2, 2009
Clearing the Air

Dirk Brinkman thinks there’s more to reforestation 
than simply planting trees. With his ever-expanding 
push into Central America and the murky world of carbon sequestration, he’s hoping for no less than the end of global warming.

Dec 2, 2009
Craig McCaw's Treasure Island

Seattle billionaire Craig McCaw and his visions of a Gulf Island eco-topia. Not many people can afford to buy an island, but reclusive Seattle billionaire Craig McCaw is one who can, and he wants to turn James Island, 15 kilometres northwest of Victoria, into an eco-topia for the wealthy elite.

Oct 8, 2009
A Passage to India for B.C. Exports?

It has one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. Its middle class of 300 million people is expected to double in less than 15 years. Is India the Promised Land for B.C.’s beleaguered exporters? Mervyn Pinto thinks so.

Feb 1, 2009
Life in a Northern Town

Once in a while, someone literally crashes into a business opportunity. That’s what happened to Tom Teichroeb when he glanced a rock cut with his blade while grading road on the outskirts of Vanderhoof. In the process, an exquisite rock...

Aug 1, 2008
Black Diamonds of Revelstoke

Simpson first visited the town back in the mid-’80s, one of many pilgrimages north for this Denver-based millionaire developer with an appetite for powder snow. Immediately, the 62-year-old American was struck by a place that seemed to have it all:...

Jul 1, 2008
B.C. Fishing: Sink or Swim

A brisk wind ripples the water of Comox Harbour, making the sailboat stays sing like a thousand wind chimes. Peter Watson is milling about on the deck of his turquoise-green fish-packer, Diligence, his wavy silver hair crowning a tanned face that has weathered a storm or two.

Feb 26, 2008
Chain Gang: B.C. Mountain Biking

I’m peering over my handlebars down the precipitous southwest flank of Idaho Peak at one of B.C.’s raw resources. Wind ripples the surface of Slocan Lake far below, and the granite ramparts of the Valhalla Range beyond form spiky silhouettes...

Feb 1, 2008
Travelling to La Paz, Bolivia

I’m sitting in a café next to the Plaza Murillo waiting, somewhat voyeuristically, for a riot. A battalion of police, decked in fatigues, has taken up temporary residence here in the centre of La Paz, Bolivia’s capital city. The waitress...

Jan 1, 2008
Fear Factor: Vancouver crime and the private security industry

It’s 2:45 p.m. and we’re sitting in the heart of Vancouver’s shame. At a bench on the corner of Victory Square, a pair of drug dealers slouch, chatting on their cellphones. A gangly guy with a bushy salt-and-pepper beard cuts...

Oct 1, 2007
The Great Bear Market

The Great Bear Rainforest is being trumpeted as a model of modern conservation that will bring business, environmentalists and First Nations together. But we’re not the only ones with a stake in its success; big U.S. non-profits have a major say in what happens on B.C.’s forest floor.

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