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Andrew Findlay

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Aug 1, 2007
Cumberland: Hometown Showdown

“I was the first one to put up a sign like this. I wanted everyone to see it as they drove into town,” she explains as a trickle of traffic rolls past on Cumberland Road. Cumberland was once a town...

Jun 1, 2007
David Mowat: Gored

I’m sitting in the executive reception at Vancity’s corporate headquarters on the corner of Main and First, waiting for CEO Dave Mowat. On the streets below, commuters shuffle along sloppy sidewalks after a surprise late-February-morning snowfall. On the coffee table in front of me, a fresh copy of the National...

May 1, 2007
Climate of Change

When David Wayne, manager of Stanley Park’s Brockton Oval, turned out the lights and slipped into bed beside his wife on the evening of December 14, nothing could have prepared him for the fury that would awaken them in the inky darkness of the following morning.

Mar 1, 2007
Middle East Travel: Currying Flavour

A man pushes through the fray and introduces himself as Mandar Singh, the owner of the horse. Apparently, he’s planning to fetch 25,000 rupees (roughly $5,000) for the virile Marwari stud. Men, some obviously making mental calculations, stare at the horse in silence. The animal is about as unattainable to...

Dec 1, 2006
Gregor Robertson: Pursuit of Happiness

Last summer, in a Vancouver Sun article, the co-founder of the successful and ethically minded Vancouver juicery, Happy Planet Foods, took aim at the more than $250 million in subsidies and royalty reductions that the provincial government has doled out...

Oct 2, 2006
B.C.'s First Class Micro-Breweries

Golden nectar cascades from the polished chrome tap, gurgling to the brim of a tall sleeve. The bartender sets it down on the hardwood countertop. I raise the sleeve to my lips, tilt and receive a mouthful in return. If...

Oct 2, 2006
Day in the Sun: Art Aylesworth

As one of the winners of Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Pacific Region program, Art Aylesworth submitted himself to intense scrutiny by a top accounting firm and hard-nosed panel of judges, and came out on top. He was deemed a winner in the category of Technology and Health Sciences.

Aug 1, 2006
B.C.'s Recreational Real Estate: Quiet Stampede

It’s Friday afternoon and a convoy of sparkling SUV's with Alberta plates, many of them towing trailers and powerboats, is squeezing through the ochre-coloured walls of Sinclair Canyon at the western portal of Kootenay National Park near Radium Hot Springs.

Jun 1, 2006
Clarence Louie: Ruffling Feathers

Chief Clarence Louie of the Osoyoos Indian Band doesn’t hold back when he's ruffling the feathers his First Nations peers: Stop playing the victim, give up the blame game and get on board with business.

Jun 1, 2006
Water Privatization: Tapped

Is it possible for water, a substance that eschews arbitrary political borders and respects only those prescribed by topography and the forces of nature, to be owned and commodified? If you mention water and privatization in the same sentence in this province, you may as well wear a mink coat to an animal rights convention.

Sep 1, 2005
Crown Land Tenure: Trouble in the Backcountry

Miners and loggers used to pose the greatest trouble to backcountry and wilderness travel, now with the B.C. Liberals allowing more crown land to be tenured, the enemy comes from within. Some blame the competition, others blame the government, but all agree there’s a $1-billion industry at stake.

Jul 1, 2005
Olympic Sponsorships: Getting a Grip on 2010

It seemed like a shoe-in for Olympic sponsorship. The smart money was on Roots Canada for getting their grip on 2010. Given its well-established relationship with the Canadian Olympic team, it was the darling choice for official Olympic tailor and for the lucrative licensing rights to manufacture clothing for our athletes and the public, with royalties spinning back to the Vancouver Olympic Committee.

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