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May 13, 2010
Minimizing Employee Termination Costs

Employment contracts can help avoid costly wrongful dismissal claims. Like a marriage, an employment relationship is easier to begin than to end. In my practice I often hear from employers who want to dump recent employees, either because the workers didn’t have the skills they’d claimed, or because their personalities were, well, not a good fit. Worse, some employers have hired executives who proved harmful to their business.

Apr 16, 2010
Avoiding Recruitment Discrimination Claims

How to ensure your hiring practices do not expose your company to discrimination complaints. Professor Philip Oreopoulos recently published a study titled "Why Do Skilled Immigrants Struggle in the Labour Market? A Field Experiment with Six Thousand Resumes" (Download the study)...

Apr 7, 2010
The 20 Most Innovative Companies in B.C. 2010

The Top 20 Innovators in B.C. 2010. Sometimes it's the big idea that infiltrates the tiny reaches of our quotidian lifes. And sometimes it's the small idea that has a big impact. In this year's survey of innovation in B.C., we look at 20 organizations, large and small, from a wide variety of fields, that are shaking up their industries, British Columbia, and the world. (Glimpse the future, too, with B.C.'s Most Innovative Companies of 2011.)...

Apr 6, 2010
Social Media in the Workplace III

Tips for employers on avoiding the legal hazards arising from social media use in the workplace. In my first blog, I talked about how the majority of employees were accessing social networking sites at work (with or without the use of...

Apr 2, 2010
BCBusiness 2010 Guide to Innovation

The 20 Most Innovative Companies in B.C. 2010The Top 20 Innovators in B.C. 2010. Sometimes it's the big idea that infiltrates the tiny reaches of our quotidian lifes. And sometimes it's the... Read More > Malcolm Gladwell on InnovationIn Vancouver in April...

Mar 25, 2010
Social Media in the Workplace II

Social media present several serious legal risks to employers in B.C. Are you covered by a policy? In my last post, I talked about how many employees are accessing social networking sites at work. In this, the second post of my three-part series on social networking, I’ll talk about the risks of employee’s accessing social networking sites, and why an up-to-date social networking policy can help employers manage such risks.

Mar 15, 2010
Social Media in the Workplace

Whether employers block access to social networking sites or not, employees old and young are still accessing them. It's time for employers to review their social media policies. I generally recommend that employers have written policies for their employees. Once implemented, they help to communicate and explain employer expectations and legal obligations. Employee policies frequently deal with issues such as protection of privacy and confidential information, workplace safety, conduct towards fellow employees and ethics.

Jan 6, 2010
My New Year's Resolutions

Barry PennerBarry Penner B.C. Minister of Environment What’s your top goal for 2010? To continue to innovate and find ways to provide environmental stewardship while supporting new jobs... Read More > Mandy FarmerMandy Farmer President and CEO, Accent Inns What’s your top goal for 2010? My...

Dec 22, 2009
The Wear Else 2009 Fall Collection

For better viewing, click the "full screen" button at bottom right. Coinciding with the release of the 2009 BCBusiness Style Issue, and our inaugural Online Style Guide, some 300 stylish businesswomen attended the fashion event of the season. The runway show displayed the spicy fall fashions of the Vancouver clothier Wear Else. Over cocktails and canapes at the Century Plaza, attendees listened to style advice from local image consultant Giovanni Amenta. 

Dec 3, 2009
Microsoft Canada Development Centre

The thing that keeps this workplace swinging is connectivity. The research centre runs a bus service to help its Lower Mainland workers get to the front doors and offers a host of high-tech teleconferencing systems so its teams can easily collaborate with others around the world. Number of Employees: 250 Head Office: Richmond Quote: “We are constantly looking to make things possible, and the work I do will be used by hundreds of millions daily”

Dec 3, 2009
Summerland & District Credit Union

At Summerland & District Credit Union, a day at the office is like spending time with family. Number of employees: 39 Head office: Summerland Quote: “There is a sense of family and belonging that I have not experienced anywhere else. The top management really cares about staff”

Dec 3, 2009
Odlum Brown Ltd.

During the financial crisis, Odlum Brown was able to avoid layoffs and maintain salary levels, shareholder payouts and profit sharing. No surprise, then, that retention is not an issue. Number of employees: 225 Head office: Vancouver Quote: “A new mother was given remote computer access so she could continue looking after her clients from home – no ‘glass ceiling’ just because someone wants to start a family”

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